Your Hair Type and How To Use A Shampoo Bar

February 26, 2021 3 min read

Your Hair Type and How To Use A Shampoo Bar

Depending on your hair type, you are likely going to have a different experience transitioning to a shampoo bar and a different method on using it. The first step is knowing what TYPE of hair you have.For hair type we look at shape and porosity. Let's find yours!

Step 1: Find Your Hair Type 

The shape of your hair is based on how your hair naturally (with no product) rests. The easiest way to know your hair type is to match your hair to the following broad types of hair:

Type 1: Straight

Type 2: Wavy

Type 3: Curly

Type 4: Kinky/Coily


Step 2: Find Your Hair Porosity

Hair porosity has to do with how much moisture your hair (the flexible outer layer) can hold.So, you can think of porosity in terms of hair having a high, low, or regular tolerance to absorb moisture.A good way to test for porosity at home is the float test (this involves a strand of hair and a glass of water - see how to complete the test here)

Also, your hair porosity can change! And switching up your hair care products to less toxic ones, can help with that. Read more about hair porosity and shampoo barshere.

So why does hair type and hair porosity matter?

Knowing your hair type and your porosity will help you know what types of products to try for your hair AND how frequently you should be washing and clarifying your hair. And maybe even help you get a gauge on how to stretch the time between wash days.

Wavy and porous hair might need the lathered shampoo bar run through their hair a couple of times in order to get it clean. Straight and fine hair might only need the shampoo lather on a washcloth directly applied to their scalp.  

Now a common question I get is does a shampoo bar work with all hair types?And the answer is Yes!— Because a bar is essentially a way to just CLEAN your hair. The soap lifts excess oils, dirt and dead skin cells.

That being said, how and how often you use a shampoo bar will vary based on hair type and hair porosity. Plus, transition will vary between hair types AND based on how many other products have been used. If you have lot of product build up and your scalp is used to over producing oils, transition may last longer AND you may need to clarify your scalp (using an Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse or a Clay Mask) more frequently. Here is a video on the best tips for transitioning to a shampoo bar: 




Finding The Right Shampoo Bar For Your Hair

While all of our shampoo bars are gentle on your scalp, non-stripping, and nourishing, there is a variation in our shampoo bars with the presence of sugar in some of them (the Citrus Cedarwood bar and the Eucalyptus Tea Tree bar) and the essential oils in each bar are different. While the essential oils do make up most of the scent profile of the bar, they are also chosen to help with SPECIFIC hair concerns. Watch the video here to see the best bars for different hair types, including some resources to read on finding the right one for you. Trying out a couple different bars is helpful because different hair truly prefers different ingredients!





Nicole P
Nicole P

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