Beeswax: The Beautiful Body Guard of your Skin

July 25, 2017 2 min read

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You’ve probably noticed beeswax in cosmetic products- from lipstick and mascaras to chapsticks. It’s loved by beauty bloggers and health gurus alike. But what makes beeswax so good for your skin?
Beeswax is made up of more than 284 compounds! Most of these are fatty acids and chain alcohols, which improve the natural oil barrier on your skin and keep your skin hydrated. And the bees work hard to create the wax--To create 1 pound of beeswax, the bees will need to consume 6 to 8 pounds of honey.


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Honey is well-known for it’s anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, so it should come as no surprise that beeswax has also been proven to be very beneficial in skin care products. What are the benefits of beeswax in skin care? In short, beeswax will not clog pores and it creates a barrier for your skin that helps heal, protect, and hydrate. All the things you want for your skin! Let's dive into more of the specifics:



Here are the top 5 benefits of beeswax for your skin:

  1. It’s a breathable barrier - beeswax won’t clog your pores while. It works to trap moisture, reduces dryness, and keeps toxins out-- all without suffocating your skin!
  2. It's a humectant - beeswax attracts water molecules and it helps skin stay hydrated over time.
  3. Naturally blocks irritants - beeswax is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-allergen.
  4. Rich in vitamin A - vitamin A promotes the regeneration of cells.
  5. It helps heal and protect - because of these properties, beeswax will heal broken skin and protect healthy skin.


Which skin care products use beeswax?
You can use beeswax in lotion bars, lipsticks, and lip balms. Beeswax is a completely organic way to moisturize and maintain healthy skin. And when incorporated it into your skincare regime, beeswax means healthier skin and healthier skin means a healthier you!
We use beeswax in our All Natural Foot Cream for all the above listed reasons! We chose it SPECIFICALLY for its breathable barrier-- while nourishing the skin, it also seals in all the other oils and essential oils that are in the compound, giving them the time they need to be fully absorbed by the skin and not getting wiped off. Beeswax is what gives our foot cream the balmy texture (as opposed to the runnier creams and lotions).
Who knew that so much goodness could be packed into one beautiful ingredient?! It's the BEES-KNEES! (lol *dad joke* ... couldn't help it )

Nicole P
Nicole P

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