Uses for Kaolin Clay

August 22, 2019 4 min read

Uses for Kaolin Clay

Kaolin clay (kaolinite) is amongst the most common clay minerals on earth. This type of clay can be found across the globe, but is named after the Kaolin mountain in Jiangxi, China. This naturally abundant clay is used for a wide number of applications including ceramics, paper production, pharmaceuticals, and hair care.

So how exactly does kaolin clay work as a hair care ingredient? Today, we will explore kaolin clay by discussing the health benefits of kaolinite and how kaolin clay can be utilized as a potent hair care ingredient. 

What Exactly is Kaolin Clay?

Kaolin clay is primarily comprised of the clay mineral kaolinite. Kaolinite has a formula that is made of oxygen, aluminum, silicon, and hydrogen. This kaolin clay forms when aluminum-rich soil goes through a natural weathering process.

Kaolin clay is naturally soft and moldable, which allows it to be used in different fields without much (or any) manipulation. Kaolin clay is so abundant and easily accessible, making the kaolin clay mining process very efficient with minimal impact on the environment. 

Georgia is the leading producer of kaolin clay in the United States, with an estimated 8 million metric tons of kaolin clay coming out of the region each year. This allows American manufacturers to have a reliable and sustainable source of this plentiful resource.

Health Benefits of Kaolin Clay (Kaolinite)

Kaolin clay and other naturally occurring clays have long been used by cultures all over the world for health reasons as a topical and/or dietary supplement. Here are just a few ways in which kaolin clay can be used as a health and beauty product:

  • Kaolin clay shows antibacterial properties. A recent study published in the US National Library of Medicine showed that mineral-rich clay was effective as an antibacterial agent in many cases. This effectiveness did not rely on any particular manipulation, and the researchers note that clays may provide inexpensive treatments for infections in the future.
  • Kaolin clay is great for the skin. Clay masks utilizing kaolin clay may have a number of benefits including exfoliation, anti-aging effects, and may even improve circulation to the skin.
  • Kaolin clay for healthy hair. As we will discuss in greater detail below, kaolinite is ideal for hair care as it naturally rejuvenates hair without damaging or stripping away any natural oils.

Uses for Kaolin Clay

Kaolin Clay as a Hair Care Ingredient

While kaolin clay may be difficult to package within traditional liquid shampoo bottles, it is an ideal ingredient for all natural shampoo bars. The moldability and soft texture of kaolin clay allow this potent ingredient to seamlessly combine with other natural ingredients such as essential oils and sea salt to create a high quality product.

The antibacterial properties of kaolin clay make it ideal for gently cleansing the hair and scalp without any harsh synthetic chemicals. Where traditional shampoos act like a detergent with parabens and sulfates, kaolinite effectively removes dirt and other hair impurities naturally.

Kaolin clay also promotes a healthy scalp by utilizing all of the skin-friendly properties we listed above including exfoliation, delivering nutrients, and improving circulation. As part of a regular hair care regimen, kaolin clay can truly work wonders!

Uses for Kaolin Clay

Kaolinite and Kaolin Clay FAQs

Is kaolin clay safe for use on my skin and hair?

Absolutely! Kaolin clay is frequently used and has been shown to be safe as a topical ingredient over hundreds, if not thousands of years. Consider the simple chemical formula of oxygen, aluminum, silicon, and hydrogen -- it doesn’t get much more natural than that.

Does kaolin clay expire?

Not exactly, no. Kaolin clay itself is a natural compound that will stay the same for a longer time than any person could reasonably be expected to use it. However, products with kaolin clay as an ingredient may expire depending on their makeup. Always observe recommended usages on the packaging.

Why kaolin clay over other natural clays?

Many naturally occurring clays have been touted as miracle cures for skin, hair, and even as a detoxifying agent. These claims are largely exaggerated, but we certainly believe in the power of kaolin clay as a hair care ingredient. Kaolin clay (Kaolinite) is chosen because it is sustainable, naturally abundant, and effective.

Uses for Kaolin Clay

The Yellow Bird Shampoo Bars Harness the Power of Kaolin Clay

Here at The Yellow Bird, we strive to use all-natural ingredients to deliver the best possible products to our customers. Our natural and organic products will never contain parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, GMOs, and are never tested on animals. 

Kaolin clay fits our ideals perfectly as it helps nourish hair health without any nasty chemicals. We use this product in our artisan shampoo bars and our blue tansy face mask.

To learn more about how we use natural ingredients to create effective and affordable skin and hair care products, please read our story or take our brief skincare quiz to find your perfect product match!

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