A Letter to Mamas on Self Care: Part 2

February 28, 2018 3 min read

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I know we have a wide variety of readers! Thank you for reading! But today, I would like to specifically encourage all the moms out there (but these truths do apply to everyone! So feel free to read on too :) and learn how you can love and support the moms in your life). This is the second letter in a 3 part series all about the importance of self care and how to implement small changes that make a big difference. If you haven't read it yet, part 1 is here.

At the end of each letter is an action item-- something YOU can practice. I thought breaking this up into parts would help everyone have time to implement these little, but oh so essential, changes!


Dear Mama,

I hope you have had time to implement one strategy from last weeks letter on how to provide a little time to take care of your mind. I took about 20 minutes this week to sketch :) About an hour to read and a couple hours to plan my new blog (and write the vision behind it... more on that later :) don't worry-- I'll let you know when it's live :))  self care mind sketch read blogging theyellowbird blog

(I am loving this business book The E-Myth. Seriously! Check it out)

This week I want to encourage you to take care of your BODY.

This is a tough one, because it feels like our bodies go through so much and frequently have to just “make it work”. I know what it is like to make a yummy nutritious meal (full of the rainbow :) ) and by the time you finish feeding the baby, and helping the toddler eat their last bites, you have taken 4 bites and it’s time to start getting little people ready for bed. But eating matters! So meal planning and meal PREP have helped me so much! I have quick (usually things I can eat on the go) meals/snacks that are full of nutrients. Also, drinking water-- Filling up a water bottle that I have to drink 3 of (so like a big 32 oz bottle. I recently grabbed this glass 32 oz bottle off amazon) by the end of the day helps me remember to hydrate. Drinking water is so so important because water does so much in our bodies, from helping our kidneys keep thing moving to keeping our skin elastic. And of course prioritizing sleep (sounds nice, right :) we can talk about that one more later)

Lately on of my favorite self care routines has been creating a skin care ritual. (Not just another routine, but a ritual that is reviving and something l look forward to!). I use our face oil set-- starting with lathering the charcoal bar, I wash my face in warm water, pat some of the excess water off (with our soft washcloths) and then pat the face oil into my skin. All of the sudden, I feel refreshed--as if some of the weight of the day has been washed away and I am revived. My face is primed and ready to face the day (or go sleep peacefully).  Creating a ritual for taking care of your skin is so important! Find products that you LOVE that your skin LOVES. I remember feeling stressed before trying to think of all the things i needed to “do” to take of my skin-- Exfoliate with this, wash with that, scrub using this, prime, tone, hydrate…. It just became so much that I never had time to be consistent (and honestly, a lot of the products would end up causing more irritation than good!) So for this week, here is your action challenge: 

Action: Find a skin care ritual that is simple, effective, and restorative to YOU. Try and eat one fruit and one veggie at every meal (cutting up fresh peppers and having them in a container helps me easily grab a veggie at lunch or breakfast!) Also, try carrying around a water bottle all day (even at home) and see if that helps you remember to drink (water is lifeeee!!).

Can't wait to hear about your skin care rituals <3 And next week we will check in and talk about taking care of your spirit.

Until then, XOXO


Nicole P
Nicole P

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