All Natural Chemical Free Insect Repellent

Let your family and pets enjoy the outdoors again without having to cover your skin with dangerous pesticides like DEET.

Long Lasting Mosquito Repellent - A long lasting ecofriendly solution that naturally repels mosquitos, fleas, no-see-ums, ticks, gnats, and other flying-biting insects.

All Natural and Chemical Free Ingredients - Completely Natural and Chemical Free. Made with a perfect blend of 5 High Grade Essential oils that are both effective and pleasant smelling.

Highly Concentrated - Highly concentrated. Bottle contains less water than other leading insect repellents. Made with 35% high quality active ingredients.

Active Ingredients: 35% Essential Oils
-Lemongrass Oil
-Peppermint Oil
-Geranium Oil
-Rosemary Oil
-Cedarwood Oil
-Organic Non GMO Soybean Oil

Inactive Ingredients: Distilled Water

Shake well before using. Apply liberally to exposed skin every 3-4 hours or as often as needed

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews

thisThis is a 5* company in my book, and i haven’t even had the opportunity to try the product yet - not until Jan 20th or so when i will use it in Cambodia. But this little company (that looks like it either is or began as a family business), appears to me to have high standards which is why i chose them. Small but mighty! and i LOVED LOVED LOVED their packaging of the small item i purchased - they made the package to just fit the item!… in other words didn’t just toss it into some huge envelope i see other companies doing EXTREMELY TOOOOO MUCH! I commend Yellow BIrd for their seeming commitment to excellence, and efforts to help our world, as evidenced in their minimal packaging. Thank you SO much. wishing you huge success and 2020 knocking your socks off with your successfulness!

Best smelling bug spray

I love the smell of this spray. It's quite strong, but very pleasant in my opinion. The bugs left me alone and they usually flock to me. I love natural products, and I'm so happy to have found this one!

Very Pleasantly Surprised!

This insect repellent is great! It works very well and even smells good!

I think it works

I don’t typically have issues with bug bites, but I was out painting our porch the other evening and was getting bit by mosquitos. I put some spray on and stopped getting bit. It also doesn't stink like some bug sprays. Hooray!

Works great!

I put it to the test on our recent camping trip and we didn’t get one mosquito bite! Definitely will be purchasing again!