About Us

Welcome to the Yellow Bird! We are a family owned and run all natural skin care company that uses pure and simple ingredients, free of synthetic chemicals, to nourish skin and promote health. Our products are perfect for the entire family, especially for those with allergies and chemical sensitivities. We strive to provide products that are full of simple yet powerful ingredients (you can read everything on the label!).


What IS in our products?

Our products are made with ingredients as close to nature as possible! We go for GMO free and all natural and organic ingredients. With so many people (especially in our family!) having sensitivities to various ingredients, we have seen first hand how hard it is to find skin care products that are chemical free (and fragrance free!), GMO free, paraben free, and soy free. We love using high-grade Essential Oils for their nourishing benefits but also for their pleasant aromas.


The concept of holistic living is something that I (Nicole) had the blessing of growing up with. My mom is very conscious of what ingredients are in the food we eat (and is an incredible gardener to boot!) and in the products we used around the house and on our bodies. The fewer ingredients something has, the better. Personally, I didn’t really take as much of an interest in “natural” or “chemical free” products until I had my girls.


As I have grown, I have seen that ingredients in our products matter-- that our skin matters. I have also seen that natural ingredients (things like coconut oil, various essential oils, etc) really work-- this is not a drill!


So, what is chemical free?

Chemical Free means that our products have no synthetic chemicals.I especially wanted to avoid any ingredients that were petroleum-derived or parabens.

Any fragrances or smells in our products are derived from Essential Oils.


Here’s what the EWG has to say about synthetic fragrances: Fragrances are in everything from shampoo to deodorant to lotion. Federal law doesn’t require companies to list on product labels any of the chemicals in their fragrance mixture. Recent research from EWG and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics found an average of 14 chemicals in 17 name brand fragrance products, none of them listed on the label. Fragrances can contain hormone disruptors and are among the top 5 allergens in the world. Our advice? Buy fragrance free wherever possible.


Why does it matter?

Our skin is our biggest organ and we absorb  60% of what is put on our skin-- and children absorb even more than that. With synthetic ingredients, we have no idea what effects the chemicals have on different aspects of our body. Instead of putting the unknown (and sometimes dangerous!) on our skin, we strive to provide products that nourish and strengthen the skin. Instead of needing skin care products to “fix” issues, start off with products that fortify your skin. We want to proactive in our skin care, not reactive!


Thanks for spending some time with us,

Nicole and Colin


Enjoy a picture of the Yellow Bird Crew :)