Interested in a Shampoo Bar?

Your curiosity has been sparked. You've heard about these shampoo bars and now you're wondering what using one is really like...the good, the bad, and the ugly. They are one of the best zero waste and non-stripping natural hair care choices you could make, but should you make the switch?

We're here to answer all of your top questions about shampoo bars and share what most people experience when they make the switch. Learn all about the ingredients we use, how to transition to a natural shampoo bar, and which shampoo bar is best for your hair. 

Learn All About Shampoo Bars

Find the best Face Oil for You

As an item that's often overlooked as an "extra step" in your skin care routine, face oils can actually change your life. Face oils help your skin look and feel its best by giving that natural glow and long-lasting hydration. They can help solve many of your skin concerns, help you need less makeup, and can altogether reduce the amount of skin care items you need.

But not all face oils are created equal. Natural ingredients and less ingredients are important because more ingredients dilute the benefits of the oils. And you are going to want ALL the benefits these oils provide for your skin!

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