The Skinny on Shampoo Bars: All you Need to Know & FAQ

June 25, 2018 5 min read


So you care about the earth and your scalp and switched to shampoo bars. YASSSS. But wait, this is NOT going like you wanted it to!

Maybe you are in the shower staring at this bar wondering how to even use it.

Ok, so you figured out how to get that lather to work, but noooooo, your hair is looking WORSE after washing and drying it! Why? Is this another "natural trend" that just can't live up to the hype?? 

Don't worry, you are not the first person to ask these questions or wonder what went wrong. I am here to help <3

First, some helpful Shampoo Bar tips


  • Make sure your hair is wetted very well before using the bar-- it is the water and soap that work together to wash away the excess oils (fats) and impurities (dirt) 
  • Lather the bar well in your hand. This bar lathers exceptionally well because of it's impressive ingredient list (and we didn't have to use a synthetic foaming agent like Sodium Laurel Sulfate to do it!). Use the foamy lather to wash your hair from root to ends. 
  • Use an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse to condition and reduce tangles in the transition period
  • Dry long hair by gently hand squeezing water out and then covering with a towel.  Rubbing hair dry can cause tangles.
  • Healthy hair doesn’t need to be washed daily.  A day or two in between washes can help hair adjust to a natural shampoo bar. (For more information on how your hair might transition, keep reading :) ) 
*Every one of our Shampoo Bars comes with printed directions and tips so you have a good idea of how to use the bar from the moment you open it <3

And now, some of our Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does a shampoo bar lather?

Answer: Yes!! Shampoo bars do not need any synthetic foaming agents like SLS to lather. It will lather naturally with the right ingredients and natural fats (Remember how I mentioned that special shampoo bar formula above.. yep!!). And if you think I'm biased, here is what one of our users had to say  "The bar is fabulous: smells amazing, really froths up (usually a sacrifice with all-natural shampoos, in my experience) and I LOVE the way my hair feels." (Thanks Ali!)  

Question: How does this bar help the environment? 

Answer: Awesome question-- read ALL about that here. 

Question: Are shampoo bars okay for color treated hair? 

Answer: Shampoo bars will not strip color from your hair as far as detergents in commercial shampoos go. However, due to everyone's hair and coloring products being different it's always a good idea to do a strand test in order to make a judgment call.


Question: I hear shampoo bars are good for textured and curly hair, Do shampoo bars work for thin hair?

Answer: Absolutely! Remember, you shampoo to help lift dirt and excess oils. YOUR scalp provides YOUR hair with just the right amount of oils. Using an all natural shampoo bar on thin hair means balancing your hair's natural oil production and preventing residue that weighs down your hair. I love the way this user put it-- "I love this product. I have very limp fine hair with no curl but my hair has shine and bounce after I use this shampoo. It does not leave residue that weighs my hair down. I like the natural bar shampoos better than bottle shampoos. It does not have all the additives so it is easier on your hair "

And now, let's discuss TRANSITION (aka why your hair might look worse before it looks better)

All About "Transition"

**hair transitioning to natural shampoo, not to be confused with transition during birth... this is much less painful ;)**

Okay, so what is a shampoo bar transition period? Basically, it is your scalp adjusting to its new pH. Some describe hair as feeling heavy or greasy during this interim. Your scalp will try and figure out how much natural oil your hair follicles really need to stay healthy. If you were using anything with a harsh detergent or foaming agent (think sulfates-- like Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS)) transition period is possible when switching to a natural shampoo bar. Commercial shampoos/conditioners almost always contain synthetic silicones that make hair shiny. This builds up residue which takes time to get worked out.

How long does it take hair to transition to natural shampoo? The time that the transition period lasts may vary depending on how much styling product you use in your hair, hair type, and length. Cleaning without harsh detergents will cause your scalp to rebalance its oil production. Many say the transition period lasts around 2-4 weeks. REMEMBER-- your scalp will take time to rebalance its oil production.

I would definitely check out this post on why an apple cider vinegar might be a good fit for you. Some shampoo bar users have even said the ACV Rinse (as the cool kids call it) worked better than conditioner! 


"I have tried several shampoo bar soaps . . . this one is the BEST ONE! It goes on so easy. It has the best slickness and lathers up beautifully. Cleans well. And my hair (which is 18" long) is so shiny and soft and manageable. I do the vinegar rinse as well. Make sure you use Organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar. I use about 2 Tbls vinegar with 2 Tbls water. Rub it into your hair after washing and rinsing. Leave it on for about 1 or 2 min. Rinse well. I have been using bar soap shampoo & vinegar for a few years now. When you first start, it will take about a month to really feel and see the difference . . . due to your hair going back to a normal healthy state. Using an eco-friendly product like Yellow Bird Shampoo Bar & organic apple cider vinegar helps the environment from all the harmful chemicals and plastic bottles. A better, cleaner world. Makes me feel good as well." Ekobay

Here is another happy user's transition experiences: 

 "I tried one kind for several months to get past the solid shampoo “adjustment period”. This Yellow Bird bar surpasses them all! I had an adjustment period of about three weeks, where I needed to wash every other day (that’s frequent for me!). From the very first use, I was able to skip conditioner altogether. My hair feels soft, clean without feeling stripped, and bright. I love it! Now my only concern is bringing enough of them so that I don’t run out while traveling, since my 11 year old son loves it, too!" Kendra

Go check out our Shampoo Bars(we have a couple of different variations <3)

Wanna read more about Shampoo Bars? Here is a sweet post on Why Choose a Shampoo Bar

What other questions do you have? Let me know in the comments! OR find me on Instagram ( or Facebook (/theyellowbirdcompany) and message me there :) And don't forget, you can ALWAYS reach out via emailand we will respond personally <3 

Nicole P
Nicole P

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