A Letter to Mamas on Self Care: Part 3

March 28, 2018

A Letter to Mamas on Self Care: Part 3

I know we have a wide variety of readers! Thank you for reading! But today, I would like to specifically encourage all the moms out there (but these truths do apply to everyone! So feel free to read on too :) and learn how you can love and support the moms in your life). This is the third letter in a 3 part series all about the importance of self care and how to implement small changes that make a big difference. If you haven't read it yet, part 1 is here. Part 2 is here.

At the end of each letter is an action item-- something YOU can practice. I thought breaking this up into parts would help everyone have time to implement these little, but oh so essential, changes!


Dear Mama,

I hope you have had time to implement one strategy from last weeks letter on how to provide a little time to take care of your body and especially your skin. On a hilarious side note-- That beautiful, 32 oz glass bottle ... yeah, shattered in the gym parking lot last week. So I would highly recommend a stainless steel one or the glass water bottle sleeves (to protect it... from the gym parking lots... hahaha) 


The last (and most important!) area to focus self care on is your spirit. (Remember, everything-- all of who YOU are-- flows out from your spirit) 

Take care of your SPIRIT: This one is maybe the most important because the spirit is the fuel and drive behind the body and the mind. When the spirit is discouraged, or anxious, or fearful, absolutely EVERYTHING is effected. So how do we take care of our spirit? We seek out truth that will BLESS and ENCOURAGE it , and we run from anything that will plant seeds of bitterness and fear.  (Looking at what we are allowing to be INPUT into our minds… and it is so so subtle yall)

So finding things to listen to (and watch) that are full of truth-- whether it’s music, podcasts that remind us of what is true and encouraging , or the friends we talk to. We do not listen to things that only bring anxiety-- maybe it means not watching the news, or listening to people who are ranting, or even friends who are constantly complaining.

Take time to be still. (again, I know this is HARD! But it has to be a priority. Even if it’s just 10 minutes!) During those 10 minutes, breathe deep. Think on the gifts of that day (the things you are thankful for!). Think of a verse-- just one sentence of TRUTH and let it wash over you. Give your cares (all of them!!!! Your cares about your marriage, your children, your business, your relationship with your sister, your fear of the flu, your anger at injustice) to God. Breath it out and give it to someone much much stronger than you. Prayer (and quiet meditation) is much more for us, than it is to update God on what’s going on… spoiler alert, he knows :)

Social media is a hard topic. But we have to talk about it because so much of what is INPUT into our mind is via social media! Thankfully social media is a tool and it is up to us how we use it. Follow people who encourage who-- whether it’s through beautiful pictures, encouraging words, messages that speak of hope and strength, or a humor that makes you belly laugh. I know that having set times to look and interact with social media is essential for me! When I set a specific amount of time to scroll on different platforms and stick to it, i am exponentially more at peace than when i just get caught in the vortex. Be ruthless with your “slashing”-- You control who you see-- if people are causing anxiety with their posts or stories, HIDE THEM! If you are struggling with contentment (with your possessions, family, relationships, body, etc), don’t follow people who you continually compare yourself to! (Obviously, there are deeper issues to work through there, but for the time being, you can choose joy by not constantly seeing them everyday on your phone!)

One of the best ways I have found to deal with discouragement and discontentment (from comparison) is to ENCOURAGE others. During each social media “session” (remember, time limits!) I look for 5 people I can COMMENT something encouraging. (It is hard to be discouraged, while spreading encouragement). Even when people forget exactly what you said, you are spreading courage, hope, and thankfulness. Those feelings will be remembered .

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou.

Remember, you are incredibly strong. You love your babies. You run your household on almost no sleep. You solve problems. You keep the peace. You keep everything going.  You are unequivocally beautiful. Your face is the face is the most comforting thing in your child’s world. You are love and comfort personified to your children. You are perfectly made. God made you in his image, and your selfless love -- that choice to love your family more than yourself, reflects that. Mama, you are beautiful and you matter <3 <3

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