The Top 5 Reasons you Should be Using an Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse for Your Hair (and a DIY recipe!)

August 08, 2017 3 min read

Yellow Bird Blog Apple cider Vinegar Rinse for Hair and Recipe

Apple Cider Vinegar gets a lot of hype-- and rightly so! It has a ton of health benefits when ingested but it is also your hair's BFF (and the good news is that it does NOT make your hair smell like a salad when it dries-- I promise!)

Nerd moment: ACV is made by exposing yeast to apple cider. The yeast ferments the sugar in the apples and turns the sugars into alcohol. After this, bacteria is added to the solution, which turns the fermented sugars into acetic acid. Acetic acid is the main active ingredient in ACV, but it also has a component called the “mother”- a bunch of protein strands, enzymes, and good bacterias (obviously called a "mother" because it's a boss! Moms unite!). The mother is what gives unfiltered ACV its dark and cloudy appearance (and it's superpowers :) )!!! And there are so many more benefits ACV-- here is an in depth article all about apple cider vinegar and it's amazing benefits for your hair!! Because the pH levels in diluted ACV can match the pH levels of our skin, it’s an excellent rinse to use in your hair! Enjoy!)

How do you make an apple cider vinegar rinse for your hair?

Mixing 2-4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with a cup of water, you can create a rinse that helps your hair and scalp. I’ve seen many different recipes for ACV rinses and the right one for you depends on your hair type! I talk more about recipe variations below.

The top 5 reasons you should be using an ACV hair rinse:

  1. It can relieve itchiness and get rid of dandruff: Apple Cider Vinegar kills fungus and bacteria, cleansing the scalp and restoring the natural balance in acidity.
  1. Your hair will retain moisture: The acid properties will smooth down your individual cuticles, which helps your hair retain moisture
  1. Stimulate hair growth and reduce hair loss: By applying ACV to the scalp, you will improve the blood circulation which carries nutrients to your hair roots and keeps the hair from falling out.
  1. Lessens frizz, improves shine, and detangles! When your pH levels are balanced and your cuticles are closed, your hair will be shinier and less frizzy and much easier to untangle.
  1. Cleanses your hair of product residue:The acid will break down the sticky residue left by hair sprays and gels and allow these things to be washed out of your hair strands and follicles.

ACV Rinse Recipe

1 cup of water with 2-4 Tablespoons of ACV makes enough for one rinse. If you have oily hair add more ACV, and if your hair is dry use less. After you have shampooed and your hair is clean, you can pour or spray the ACV rinse over your hair, starting from the scalp and making sure to work all the way to the ends. Then let it sit for about 3 minutes. You can either rinse your hair with water again or leave the ACV rinse in and dry your hair normally. When your hair dries, the ACV smell will disappear as well (so no salad hair! yay!)

Bonus: You can add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil to increase the power of this rinse-- a very popular oil to add is lavender (but there are lots of options out there! But remember, not all oils are optimal for your scalp and a couple of drops go a long way!!!)

What are some of your favorite ACV rinse recipes?!

Nicole P
Nicole P

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