Why Eucalyptus isn't just good for your cough (hint: your skin will love the benefits)

April 25, 2019 3 min read

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Eucalyptus is wonderful. I think just about everybody knows that Trader Joe’s is the best place to get this beautiful and herbaceously fragrant plant to put in their kitchen (or tie to their shower head for that amazing, spa like experience!!! Steam + Eucalyptus is glorious!). But why would Eucalyptus Oil be included in your skin care ingredients??


We love eucalyptus for our skin for two huge reasons:
  1. The oil that is derived from the eucalyptus fights infection. Eucalyptus Oil is antibacterial, especially with upper respiratory tract infections and some strains of strep, so topically it helps fight bacteria, and when inhaled it can also help fight bacteria in the lungs.
  2. The oil that is derived from the leaves is also rich in flavonoids and tendons which are plant-based antioxidants that alsohelp fight inflammation


How can Eucalyptus Oil be used on your skin? This oil is great for using in a bath, on your feet, and on your face to fight common bacteria-related skin issues (like acne and fungal infections). Because of Eucalyptus Oil’s many skin benefits (and overall health benefits), we include it as an ingredient in 3 really different products:


Eucalyptus oil benefits for bath

Eucalyptus Oil for Bath

One of my favorite ways to bless my skin and body is with a good bath.Our Eucalyptus Frankincense Bath Bomb is my GO TO for fighting the crud. The steam with the bath bomb release alllll the aromatic benefits of Eucalyptus and Peppermint, combined with trace minerals/salts to help you continue to detox and dump the nasty germs. Eucalyptus also helps reduce inflammation so an EXCELLENT choice for sore muscles. (again, combined with the hot water, it is so soothing). My kids absolutely love taking a bath with this bath bomb (and so do I!).

Remember, if you’re putting straight oils into your bath, only use a few drops! The oil is so potent.





Eucalyptus Oil Benefit for feet yellow bird foot cream



Eucalyptus Oil for Feet

Your feet are so important-- and yet they can suffer from dry heels, athletes foot, bad circulation, dry spots, other infections, swelling and soreness. Eucalyptus was one of the first ingredients  I KNEW I wanted in ourFoot Cream. Since it reduces inflammation and also helps fight infection, it’s a win! I loved using the foot cream while pregnant and my feet and ankles would swell and be sore. And it's such a potent oil that it maintains its anti-inflammatory properties and aromatic potency while not being unsafe or overpowering.



Eucalyptus Oil benefits for skin yellow bird eucalyptus soap


Eucalyptus Oil for Skin and Acne

Reducing inflammation and fighting bacteria is one of the best things an ingredient can do, so we have a whole soap that features it! OurEucalyptus Spearmint Soap is not only amazing in a hot shower (again with the aromatic, sinus opening effects with the skin), it is excellent for helping with fighting bad bacteria on your skin. From acne, zits, breakouts… the eucalyptus helps reduce the redness and inflammation while keeping the bacteria from spreading.




eucalyptus essential oil skin benefits the yellow bird blog natural skin care

So, is eucalyptus the coolest or what? Here are some things to remember about essential oils, especially eucalyptus. These are powerful oils, so they shouldn’t be put directly on the skin. They should always be diluted almost 1-5% eucalyptus and 95-99% carrier oil. For the same reason, Eucalyptus Oil shouldn’t be used too close to the eyes or ingested. This oil is a fairly common allergy, so make sure that you are not allergic to eucalyptus before diffusing it…this happened to my dad.  He was congested so I was diffusing Eucalyptus Oil and it actually made him feel worse...oops! So just know that being allergic to eucalyptus is not uncommon. I will say he can still use our foot cream which contains Eucalyptus Oil, but it’s such a small amount in the final product that it doesn’t bother him. The eucalyptus only seems to bother him when it’s diffused into the air.


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Nicole P
Nicole P

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