Father's Day Gift Ideas (His skin will love them!)

June 12, 2018 2 min read


Father's Day is fast approaching! And I love this day for so many reasons, but I also kind of dread it. Because what do you get the Fathers in your life... something they actually WANT and will USE (and that isn't $300+ haha. I feel like they either want socks or a new TV... there's no middle hahaha.) So I thought I would round up some great Father's Day gift ideas. Spoiler alert. They're for his skin (because dad's skin matters too!) I think dads could use and enjoy alllll of our products, but in order to simplify, here are some great ideas for every type of dad ;) 

For the Athletic Dad


Foot Cream. Hands down! My dad is a runner and cyclist ... and I mean he's hard core. You either win or stay home hahaha. He is amazing. And his feet take a beating! I mean it! This foot cream is one of his favorite products because it helps keep his feet soft and from cracking (my feet have never been at risk for cracking because I ran too much...) It goes on at night (all over the foot-- heels, between toes, on top of them... all over) with some socks and it keeps the feet free from athletes foot, helps with any fungi, and keeps from cracking. Dad will love it. 

For the Outdoorsy Dad


Face Oil. The sun is beautiful, but our skin can only take so much before negative side effects start happening from UVA and UVB rays. This face oil set helps clean the skin (the activated charcoal mini bars) and the face oil ( loaded with skin loving vitamins and fatty acids that moisturize, nourish, and protect. This simple yet potent face oil can also help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and scars.). yes.yes.yes.

For the Original Hipster Dad


Shampoo Bar. Keeps the beard soft because the skin under it is happy! Our shampoo bar cleans hair and skin, but doesn't strip it of natural oils. Also, being hip and eco conscious, he will love that this is an ALL IN ONE BAR! as well as zero waste packaging. win win win. 

For the Not-A-Morning-Person Dad


Peppermint Tea Tree Soap. Refreshing and a little tingly. Perfect way to wake up in the shower, or with just a nice face wash! The tea tree helps fight fungi and bacteria (and ingrown hairs!) So your skin stays fresh and you feel invigorated and ready to start your day! This is a win for every single dad! 


Honestly, you can't go wrong with any of these :) If you are waiting till the last minute, here are the links to buy them on Amazon Prime and get them in 2 days (or sent straight to Pops!) 

Foot Cream · Shampoo Bar (currently sold out on Amazon, but available on our website) · Face Oil · Peppermint Tea Tree Soap


Happy Shopping. And Happy Father's Day. Oh, and I included some of my fave dad jokes if you needed some for his card <3 




Nicole P
Nicole P

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