Natural Methods for Soft, Shiny Hair

August 21, 2019 4 min read

Natural Methods for Soft, Shiny Hair

There is certainly no shortage of hair care products on the market today. From modern shampoos to sea salt sprays to dry shampoos, it can be overwhelming to understand exactly what will work best for your hair. Most people would agree with the following statement:I want hair care products which are natural, good for my health, affordable, and will leave my hair soft, shiny, and full of volume.

So how exactly can we find this miracle product? Today, we will discuss the problem with some modern shampoos, the importance of natural ingredients, and discuss how artisan shampoo bars may offer the best of both worlds.

The Problem with Modern Hair Care Products

Many of us have had this experience: going to a salon for trim, leaving with a brand new haircut and a bag full of expensive hair products which we were assured would keep our hair looking this soft, voluminous, and shiny at home as well. And sometimes these products work...for a while. Then reality sets in and our hair returns to normal.

So what can we do? Unfortunately, the majority of modern shampoos work asdetergents, stripping your hair of natural oils only to later replace those oils with their own ingredients. Even salon quality shampoos frequently include potentially damaging synthetic chemicals such as parabens and sulfates.

There is no question that some modern hair care products work. There is no question that some modern hair care products are all natural. The problem is how difficult it has become to find all natural, effective, and affordable hair care products!

Natural Methods for Soft Shiny Hair

All Natural Ingredients for Healthy, Beautiful Hair

If you have decided to avoid synthetic chemicals such as parabens, sulfates, and dyes, what is left as a replacement? Thankfully, there are tons of potent hair care ingredients that require minimal processing and are completely free of synthetics.

Organic RSPO Sustainable Palm Oil:palm oil is a controversial topic due to its potential environmental impact. By choosing only palm oil certified by theroundtable on sustainable palm oil, you can be a proactive part of the solution rather than simply abstaining from an unsustainable ingredient. Read more about how RSPO sustainable palm oil can actually help the environment here.

Organic Coconut Oil:in recent years coconut oil has been touted as a miracle solution for a litany of skin and hair care purposes. While these may not all be true, coconut oil is naturally packed with essential fatty acids which support soft, shiny hair.

Sea Salt:one of the oldest and most naturally derived hair care ingredients, sea salt can be used to give your hair volume without any damaging side effects.

Argan Oil:argan oil has been shown to moisturize, condition, improve scalp health, and protect hair from everyday damage sources including sun exposure.

Natural Methods for Soft Shiny Hair

Shampoo Bars for Naturally Soft and Shiny Hair

Why do we recommend shampoo bars? There are several reasons why organic, all-natural shampoo bars can provide affordable hair care solutions that fit any budget and lifestyle.

  • Natural shampoo bars support your hair’s natural oils by leaving out synthetic chemicals that can strip and/or damage hair.
  • Potent ingredients such as essential oils, sea salt, and kaolin clay, create shampoo bars which restore and rejuvenate your hair naturally.
  • Shampoo bars reduce waste in packaging and in the ingredients, creating a product that is environmentally friendly.
  • Vitamin E-rich Argan and Jojoba oils hydrate and protect hair from frizz for a healthy shine.
  • Shampoo bars are also ideal for travel as they are not restricted by travel liquid sizes!

Natural Hair Care Frequently Asked Questions

Are natural hair care products more effective?

Not necessarily, no. Natural ingredients and synthetic ingredients alike can be effective, damaging, or do nothing at all. The key is to select products with ingredients that are both natural and potent. Mary, a customer who switched to all natural shampoo bars, reports that “(The Yellow Bird all natural shampoo bars) leave my hair very clean, no static and with more body than it has ever had.”

Should I avoid shampoo altogether?

Probably not, although we understand the reasoning. Here’s the thing: traditional shampoos actively strip away dirt, debris, andyour hair’s natural oils. Most of us do not roll around in the mud and have incredibly dirty hair (no offense to those of you who do, in fact, roll around in the mud).

Our shampoos and/or conditioners should instead focus on gently cleansing hair while providing the nutrients and support it needs. Choosing a shampoo with all-natural, hair friendly ingredients accomplishes the goal of going “no-poo” without the drawbacks.

Natural Methods for Soft Shiny Hair

What is sebum and what does it do?

Sebum is the oil that is naturally secreted to protect your skin and hair. Healthy sebum production keeps your skin, scalp, and hair naturally moisturized and forms a protective barrier from external elements. Without natural levels of sebum, our hair would potentially dry out and become damaged.

All Natural Artisan Shampoo Bars from The Yellow Bird

At The Yellow Bird, we believe in offering products which we would feel great about using for ourselves and our families. Our haircare products reflect this idea by avoiding synthetics such as parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrances, GMOs, and are created without any animal testing.

All of our Shampoo Bars are great for anyone looking for natural, effective hair care without putting a dent in their wallet! 

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Nicole P

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