The Best Natural Skin Care Tips from an Egyptian Goddess

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Having flawless skin is something that everyone wants to have. Some people will go so far as to invest in expensive treatments and products to attain their desired results. If you're wondering how difficult it is to bring out the best in your skin, don't fret. The Yellow Bird previously mentioned that skincare can be refreshingly simple, with multi-functional products dramatically decreasing the stuff you use on a daily basis. The only question at this point is: where should you begin?

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Thankfully, history was able to document beauty tips from a credible source: Cleopatra. Back when she ruled, the ancient Egyptian leader was not only known for her power, but for her incredible looks, too. Various tales regard her as one of the most stunning women of all time. She has pioneered a lot of today's beauty rituals and makeup looks, most notably the smokey eyes a lot of women love doing even today.

Here are some natural skin care tips we can pick up from the legendary ruler.

1. Milk baths


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One of Cleopatra's secrets for maintaining her soft and supple skin was bathing in milk! Top Inspired shared the formulation of the bath, and it was comprised of milk from a young donkey, honey, and almond oil. Besides the moisture and hydration, this bath will leave anything smelling fresh and sweet. If you want to do something similar, but aren't keen on the idea of pouring milk on your bath, we suggest using our bath bombs.

2. Exfoliating with Dead Sea salt

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Cleopatra was one of the earliest documented people to have used salt from the Dead Sea to keep her skin looking radiant. The Alternative Daily specified that olive oil was added to the mix so as not to dry out her skin. You can learn more about our salt & sugar scrub which is made with dead sea salt and nourishing oils. The roughness of salt does an amazing job in buffing out the skin and ridding it of impurities.

3. Oils to prevent aging

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Egyptian culture idolized youthful looking skin, and using face oils was their way of fighting the aging process. Castor, sesame, and moringa oils were some of the popular ingredients. It could be the reason why Cleopatra seemed to have young-looking skin all throughout those years. It's important to go for oils that not only keep wrinkles at bay but also moisturize and protect the skin. There's no doubt that Cleopatra affected how both men and women perceive beauty today. The BBC credits ancient Egyptian culture as one of the biggest influencers of modern beauty trends. Back then, their rulers were also highly regarded like the gods they worshiped. It's no surprise that they would immortalize and record the activities of their queen and even make art inspired by her beauty.


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Besides leading her people, Cleopatra managed to always maintain poise, putting truth to the phrase "grace under pressure". This is one reason why she has become a common theme in pop culture. The 1963 Cleopatra movie exemplified this notion, and over 50 years later, humanity's views have not swayed. The pharaoh's iconic appearance is also highlighted in Foxy Casino's Cleopatra slot game, which showcase what she's best remembered for: her beauty and vigor. Her signature cat eye and striking looks remain present in all adaptations, and this branding conveys that powerful women like Cleopatra also know how to put their best foot forward.

With the iconic status that she achieved, it's comforting to know that the Queen of the Nile didn't have to resort to extremely costly products to maintain her beauty. Instead, she looked to nature. Now, it won't be difficult to achieve skincare fit for a queen. The best part is, they're safer than most chemicals found in non-organic products, so it's a win-win situation!

Nicole P
Nicole P

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