The Best NATURAL Skin Care Tips for the Traveler

December 04, 2017

natural skin care tips for travelers the yellow bird

Travel! It can be an amazing adventure, a long-awaited respite, a hassle, or even a dream come true. No matter what, traveling always takes some planning. Even the most impromptu trips must be packed for! So whether you are packing for just yourself or a whole bunch of people (and no matter how long you are going!) Here are three tips for packing with your skin in mind <3
  1. Minimize your skin care line – find multi-functional products
    1. Have a good bar soap- No matter what form of travel you partake in, you will be exposed to lots of dirts and oils (not to mention maybe a little bit of stress :)). A good bar soap will help pull toxins from the skin (hello activated charcoal!!!). And remember-- Your skin is not only your biggest organ but also one of your body's main line of defense! (I highly recommend this bar in particular) 
    2. Have a good balm or cream- Many times, we are outdoors a whole lot more on trips and the suns UV rays cause the production of collagen to decrease (so our skin becomes dry and less elastic). A good balm will not only hold moisture in but also have ingredients that help stimulate collagen production as well as healing damaged skin cells. (Especially a cream with beexwax to help form that barrier to protect, yet allow skin to breath. Like this cream (not just good for feet!)) 
    3. Have a good shampoo bar- I know a great one *wink*, but seriously-- look for ingredients to help nourish your scalp and gently clean dirt/chemicals out of your hair
  2. Fewer ingredients are better when you’re shopping in another country!
  3. Look for local ingredients in the places that you are in that the people traditionally used (It's amazing how well history helps us see how well things really work and which things are just fads!)

So there you have it! Are there any tips you would add?? 


Happy Traveling! 

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