Mother's Day Gift Guide + Some Thoughts on Motherhood

April 26, 2021 2 min read

Yellow Bird Mother's day gift guide

This year, I read one of my favorite quotes about motherhood:

“The art of mothering is to teach the art of living to children.”
—Elaine Heffner

Maybe it's the current age of my children (4 years-9 years), or maybe my own introspection...but it just hit different! As mothers (and mother-figures) we are teaching and modeling the ART (beauty+technique) of living. 

In the little years, there is so much technique in mothering...making the food, dressing the babes, reading the board books, putting to sleep; mixed in with the much-needed physical love...hugs, cuddles, rocking, carrying, soothing. And sometimes it's so easy to forget that we are, in those repetitive and exhausting days, teaching our children to live. The physical consistency of love and showing up.

As they get older, we get to teach them so many wonderful things-- holidays, traditions, favorite stories, playing pretend, the joy of a surprise, knock knock jokes, mysteries, favorite movies-- that make up the day to day. Still mixed in with the exhausting mundane.... but somehow more adventurous (and with lots more questions hahah). 

And still they get older, and we notice that these small people are mirroring our approach to life- to solving problems, trying new things, interest in the unknown. May we continue to teach bravery and beauty to our children. To show them that we make so many mistakes, but they can be reshaped and become part of the beautiful art of life. So cheers to motherhood-- the light and the shadows. The broad strokes and the tiny details no one will see until they are millimeters away. 

So, to honor our life-teachers today (whether it's our own mothers, mother-in-laws, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, or even friends), I tried to think through some meaningful ideas of gifts they might enjoy. Something that helps them know that their work and their teaching is seen and appreciated. These are jumping off points. Feel free to put all your own ideas together (whether it's to match their hobbies, their favorite scents, a skin routine they could love, or even something that makes you think of them). 

Oh, and don't forget a note that tells them something you love/or have learned from them.

Cheers to all the mama's out there! 

new mom mother's day gift idea


Dry Shampoo · Coffee Scrub 


mother's day gift guide sporty mom

Dead Sea Mud Soap · All Natural Foot Cream


Mother's Day Gift Guide Outdoor Mom

Insect Repellent Spray · Lip Balm


Mother's Day gift guide Crunchy Mom

Shampoo Bar · Washcloths



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Nicole P

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