7 Uses for Foot Cream Besides Putting it on Your Feet

October 16, 2018 5 min read

7 Uses for Foot Cream Besides Putting it on Your Feet

I'm about to let you in on an amazing Secret. So don't tell anyone okay... Just kidding you can tell everyone.

Did you know that our foot cream can actually be used as a balm for just about anything? I know pretty awesome right? You’re about to discover 7 INSANE other uses for this foot cream besides just putting it on your feet. [Don't worry-- it's amazing for your feet and I will share a couple of reviews from people who have used it really successfully to help with cracked heels, dry skin, athlete’s foot... so if you wanna skip ahead and order some now, do it!] But for now I would love to share 7 other ways to use this versatile and powerful product.

1. Dry Skin Balm

For any patch of dry skin, just slather a little bit of this cream on there to instantly feel some relief. The beeswax will also form an outer layer that allows the moisture inside of your skin to stay inside and help prevent that spot from getting dry again

2. Soothing Cream

Whether it’s a sore muscle from repeated motion, a bug bite, or a bruise that’s healing, the peppermint will help stimulate blood flow so that the body can start working out the kinks. The lavender will also help with feeling calm and relaxed--soothing the muscles and the nerves.

3. Hand Balm

Hands work hard and are subject to a lot of harsh factors, like soaps, water, carrying groceries, and about a million other things. This cream will help stimulate circulation and cell regeneration as well as elasticity.

7 uses for foot cream besides feet yellow bird blog

4. Soother of Calluses

Seriously. Just dab a little on the callus and let it absorb and be amazed by the relief (and how soft the skin will feel). Although I wouldn’t recommend applying this cream to your hands BEFORE doing 300 lbs clean jerks :)...but on the plus side, you have the cream to help you soothe the bruises… haha.

5. Rash Cream

Rashes happen for lots of different reasons. It’s our bodies way of telling us there’s an issue. The cream helps with the relief of the dry skin and provides an extra barrier (like a second layer of skin) to protect the exposed skin. It soothes and protects.You can read more about how beeswax does that here and more on Safflower oil here.

6. Lip balm

See dry skin:) and it feels lovely too. The soothing ingredients in the foot cream helps to not further irritate lips that are already cracked. 


7. Gentle Decongestant and Sinus Relief

By rubbing it on the chest, the foot cream stimulates blood flow to the lungs to help support them. Plus, the aromatic essential oils of eucalyptus peppermint and lavender oil can soothe and cool and allow the body to relax as it works to help fight illness. A big plus side to this cream is that there is eucalyptus and lavender and peppermint which all help stimulate blood flow and decongesting, without the questionable camphor or menthol which are the ingredients that can be dangerous in Vapor Rub. (Again, I would apply this to the chest and soles of the feet--not under the nose).

So how many of these have you tried? Which one surprised you the most?  Reply and let me know.

But for real. I wanna know!

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What ingredients are in the all natural foot cream?

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Beeswax, Organic High Oleic Sunflower Oil, Tapioca Starch, Essential Oils (Peppermint, Lavender, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus), Rosemary Extract

What can you use all natural foot cream for?

As mentioned above, you can use all natural foot cream not only on your feet, but also as a balm rich cream for dry skin, soothing cream, moisturizing hands, healing calluses, relieving skin rashes, moisturizing lip balm, and as a decongestant and sinus relief. Circulation, dry skin, cracked heels....all the things!

Does foot cream work for dry and cracked skin?

Yes! This foot cream is amazing for helping heal dry and cracked skin. And once healed, continue regular use to keep protecting and moisturizing skin to prevent future dryness.

Where can I buy this foot cream?

Online you can buy it here or on Amazon.

Does the foot cream promote healing?

In the words of 2 of our users: “I use this every night after my evening shower. I work at a public pool so I am barefoot and exposed to a lot of who knows what. My feet have stayed crack free and soft since I started using this product. I think the combination of essential oils is a very good Antifungal. I will buy this product again.”

“The extra benefit I found is when my feet fell like pins and needles or feel cold, rubbing this on and then adding socks brings instant relief.”

yellow bird foot cream kid safe

Now let’s say that you have dry, rough feet or even a fungal infection that won’t go away, here are 2 reviews from users who have seen huge relief by using this foot cream on their feet :)...

This foot cream is beyond belief. I have had athlete's foot for about a year and since I pop antacids like they are Skittles was loathed to try any type of over the counter or prescription cream for fear of liver damage. I had tried many homeopathic remedies to no avail and decided to take a chance on this. I'm so glad I did.. Within the first five uses, I have noticed considerable repair to my feet, especially the scaly, itchy area between my toes and my severely cracked heels(I go barefoot inside). I also convinced my husband to use this and he has seen remarkable results as well. He works 12 hour shifts in a foundry and his feet were a plethora of issues-athlete's foot, scaling/cracking, raw spots, cracking heels-and his feet look like they belong to someone else. We have been applying it twice a day and I do recommend wearing socks because the consistency is similar to Vaseline. Also if you have a job/hobby that makes your feet sweaty there is an odor but it isn't entirely repugnant. Honestly to be expected with the smell of the cream, which is noticeable but not overpowering. Please, if you have foot issues do yourself a favor and buy this.” [December 2017]

This stuff is amazing.. I've been using the 'other' foot balm sold in Amazon. It was twice the price, really small jar, and smelled AWFUL. So awful that my husband would walk out of the room when I'm applying it. I decided to purchase this one when I ran out of the 'other' foot balm and OHMYGOD. This stuff came in a big jar, big enough to really cal,l it a foot balm. The scent was lovely and turns my feet super soft and smooth. Now, this is coming from someone who has SEVERE dry cracked, scaley feet, with dry looking toenails. They were so scaley that I would shed on some days. (Sorry for the gross description) but I've been battling this for 15 years. I tried so many creams, lotions, petroleum jelly ... and nothing ever makes it like this balm. It gets oily as you apply, but that's what my severe dry feet needs. Thank you for making a wonderful product..” [June 2016]

*Remember, these are things that I and others have used the foot cream for (this is not a prescription and if any sort of irritation occurs, please stop using it. This is for external use only.)

Nicole P
Nicole P

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