The Ultimate Father's Day Gift Idea

June 04, 2019 3 min read

The Yellow Bird Father's Day Gift Idea Ecofriendly Conscious

Colin came into our room about 1 week ago and said "Nicole. We have to talk about how the blue tansy oil helps so much with redness after shaving!" 

And then it hit me! The perfect Father's Day Gift I had to share with ya'll-- it's eco-conscious. It's hip (do people that are actually hip say that???), it's refined. It's NEXT LEVEL. 

It's the safety razor. That's right. The classic safety razor and brush (plus this awesome stand that keeps it out of the way and looking good) and a couple of other products to help your man (or your dad or your father-in-law) get the best shave of his life. 

And now, what Colin recommends for starting out:

(all are Amazon links to Colin's favorite. But feel free to look around and try different ones)

blue tansy face oil after shave natural for men
  • Activated Charcoal Scrub- The best product for a pre-shave. Removes dead skin cells and leaves behind oils that help acts as an additional lubricant for shaving
  • Safety Razor + Blades- He recommends the feather double edge blades. You can watch a video HERE on how to use it right
  • Bristle Brush- There are so many of them out there, but the badger brushes really are the best. The bristles stay in the brush, stay firm, last a long time, and feel smooth. 
  • Shaving Cream (Needs a strong lather)- So this cream isn't "natural" per se, but it lathers well, has so many fewer chemicals in it compared to one in an aerosol container, and lasts a long time. I do think there is room to find a good natural alternative :) But the key is that it forms a stiff, long-lasting lather. 
  • Stand for the Razor and Brush- Allows the brush to dry out and looks so good on a bathroom counter. 
  • Blue Tansy Face Oil- Ideal for your face right after shaving! It reduces redness and is instantly soothing and moisturizing.

(I also found this kit which includes the razor, brush, stand, and a bowl-- looks like a great kit to start out) 


The Step-By-Step Process

Ok, this is how the basic process works: 

  1. Wash face before shaving with scrub, get's the dead skin off and leaves some good oils on your skin that acts as an additional lubricant for shaving. You could also wash with any of our soap bars (especially the dead sea mud and pumice soap). You just want clean skin and a warm, damp face to help open up the pores
  2. Soak the brush in hot water (a mug or bowl),  then build a lather in shaving cream. Brush the lather on your face.
  3. Follow instructions with how to use the safety razor (I attached a good video below.) The shaving mug/bowl is used to rinse off the brush between passes. 
  4. Rinse your face off with hot water (our washcloths do feel so amazing!) 
  5. Apply the Face Oil (press it into your face... gently) to soothe, feel refreshed and reduce redness. 

Here is a helpful video... And I was initially afraid he would cut his face open with a safety razor, but these help explain how to do it safely :) Please be careful (said in the most authentic mom voice)


Why Safety Razors?

Safety razors give you a closer shave AND they save you money in the long run. Not to mention how much waste you'll cut down on (goodbye disposable razors!) 

What are the top Yellow Bird face products I would recommend for the guys in your life?

    What if he has facial hair--would the face oil still be good for him?


    Yes! It is so key to nurture and moisturize the skin under the beard--healthy skin means healthy hair. It helps keep the natural oil production on point and also fight against redness, bacteria, and ingrown hairs.

    I would also say that ALL of our productsare made for men and women-- So you can't go wrong with any of them! Insect Repellents and Foot Creamare especially awesome for the outdoorsy/active dads!  

    Oh, and I (Nicole) also LOVE using our Activated Charcoal Scrub to shave my legs. Same idea--the scrub helps get rid of dead skin and leaves lovely residual oils on my legs that help me get a much smoother shave with no redness afterward).



    brush the yellow bird shaving post

    *The Amazon links in this post are affiliate links

    Nicole P
    Nicole P

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