Calming Skincare Routines

July 29, 2019 4 min read

Calming Skincare Routines

For many of us, skin, hair, and beauty routines are more than just a matter of hygiene -- they can also be a way to unwind and relieve stress. Even a brief at-home spa experience can temporarily wash away the worries of a tough day, week, month or year. 

So what are some calming skincare routines? While there are limitless possibilities to explore, here are some of our favorites!

Relax with an Organic Bath Bomb

A natural, organic bath bomb is a go-to for many men and women. Bath bombs take your hot bath to the next level with natural effervescence and pure essential oils, and all of this without any synthetic chemicals. 

Not only will a long soak relax your mind and body, but it also may help moisturize and replenish your skin! Ingredients like lavender essential oil in bath bombs may improve the appearance of acne, blemishes, and other common skin conditions.

Calming Skincare Routines

It is important to understand that while natural bath bombs are fantastic, many products contain harsh ingredients. The Cleveland Clinic recommends avoiding bath bombs with any of the following:

  • Artificial Dyes
  • Synthetic Fragrances
  • Preservatives
  • Additives such as glitter

For a bath bomb with none of the above, try a lavender bath bomb today!

A Typical Calming Skincare Routine

There is no one “best” way to implement a calming skincare routine. Individuals will find methods and products that they prefer to achieve the desired beauty and relaxation results they are looking for.

If you are looking to start for the first time or to start fresh, here is an example of a skincare routine which can leave you relaxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated!


Clean skin is healthy skin. A clean you is also a more relaxed you. Cleansing is literally and metaphorically a way to wash away the day or to start your day with a clean slate. Consider a cleanser which is free of any irritating, synthetic chemicals. 


As an extension of cleansing, exfoliation offers an even deeper, more cathartic cleansing experience. Anyone who has spent an hour digging at their blackheads in the mirror understands that feeling. 

While we don’t recommend that method per se, gentle exfoliation with a natural product like our clay masks or activated charcoal salt & sugar scrub are a more healthy ritual for skin and mental health.


Once the skin is a blank canvas, you can choose how to replenish. Many individuals will consider toners, anti-aging products, face oils, or other similar products at this stage. All of those are appropriate depending on your individual needs. The key here is to again choose natural, non-synthetic products.


Last but not least, applying a moisturizer like our nourishing lotions, at the end of your routine will leave your skin feeling hydrated and healthy. It may also be a good idea to consider moisturizers with sun protection

Whatever you choose, remember to relax and enjoy the process! Your skin and your brain will thank you.

Calming Skincare Routines

Daily Beauty Rituals for Stress Relief

In a more general sense, daily, bi-daily, or even weekly skincare or hair care rituals can be used for stress relief. This is less about the products being used and more about the experience. While you are exfoliating, brushing, or cleansing, your mind is free to unwind, relax its focus, and decompress.

The Cambridge Dictionary definition of meditation is “the act of giving your attention to only one thing, either as a religious activity or as a way of becoming calm and relaxed”.

Sound familiar? Simple activities such as driving, fishing, exercising, or your skincare routine can all be considered a type of meditation. Yet this is only true if you allow it to be true. 

A mini at home spa treatment can sometimes be just what the doctor ordered!

Calming Beauty Regimen FAQs

What skincare ingredients are good for relaxation?

There are a handful of ingredients which have been shown to legitimately have a calming effect. A relaxing skincare routine should focus on the experience and avoid potentially harmful ingredients. With that said, natural ingredients such as chamomile, lavender, lemon, rose, and other essential oils may help with anxiety reduction.

How often should I use a calming beauty regimen?

That depends on what your regimen entails. Simple cleansing, rejuvenation, and moisturization can certainly be done daily. More in depth skincare actions like face masks, exfoliants, and more should be done less frequently. When in doubt, read the recommended use of each individual product.

Calming Skincare Routines

How can I create an a- home spa experience?

This can be another tricky one as most of us cannot afford a lavish at-home spa experience. Instead, focus on what you can control. No matter your situation or your means, you can make your skincare routine sacred. No distractions, no worries, just a few minutes where you can enjoy the process!

Relax with The Yellow Bird Natural, Organic Skin and Beauty Products!

The Yellow Bird was founded as a place where consumers could find all natural, synthetic free products that they could feel good about using. We believe that the skincare, hair care, and overall beauty experience has become unnecessarily complicated in recent years. Instead, we focus on using high quality ingredients in simple, handmade products for you and your family.

When it comes to building a calming skincare routine, consider any of the following products:

Remember, all of our products are free of parabens, sulfates (SLS), synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, GMOs, and are never tested on animals.

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