Naturally Detoxify and Brighten Your Skin and Body with Bentonite Clay

August 10, 2021 3 min read

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Despite being around for centuries, bentonite clay has become a major trend within the beauty and skincare industry over the last several years. Bentonite clay is an absorbent clay that forms from volcanic ash and is packed full of vitamins and minerals that can enhance the skin. The largest source of the clay can be found in Fort Benton, Wyoming, which is where the name is derived from, however, the clay can also be found all over the world. 

What Does Bentonite Clay Do:

The concept of consuming clay or applying it to your skin and hair care routine may be a bit shocking. After all, it is glorified dirt, so how could this be the solution? Bentonite clay is well known and respected for its ability to naturally detoxify the skin and body, internally and externally. Mostly because bentonite clay has the distinct ability to absorb and adsorb

Absorb vs. Adsorb: 

Absorb and adsorb look very similar when read and sound very similar when pronounced, but they aren’t quite the same. You are likely familiar with what it means to absorb, but we will quickly review it.

Absorption happens when one substance mixes with another and is completely taken by that substance in a way that they are not able to be separated (think juice and water). This is different from adsorption.

Adsorption happens when two substances do not mix, but one substance sticks to the surface of the other substance (think oil and water).

They are both the "act of collecting a substance but in different ways."

How does this apply to bentonite clay?

Now that we are clear on the difference between adsorb and absorb, let’s look into what the means for bentonite clay.

Bentonite clay comes in powder form. When you add water to the clay, it absorbs the water, creating a new substance (absorption). Once applied to the skin or consumed orally, the bentonite clay, which is negatively charged, attracts all of the positively charged impurities and toxins and clears it out of the skin (adsorption). This happens because opposites attract. The positively charged impurities attach themselves to the clay (adsorption) and are discarded with the clay, leaving behind the negatively charged molecules (aka, the good stuff). 

Removes toxins from the body, skin, and hair: 

Bentonite clay, combined with water, can be consumed as a drink or applied to the skin as a mask, as well as the hair. One of the primary benefits of bentonite clay is that it removes toxins, impurities, and oils from the skin and hair. Here are a few reasons why this detoxifying feature is so necessary and helpful: 

  • Treats acne: The bentonite clay helps unclog the pores by removing bacteria and excess oil (sebum). As a result, this action reduces, prevents, and eliminates acne. 
  • Detoxing externally: Applying the clay to parts of the body such as the armpits or feet for detox is beneficial because these are areas that receive little TLC and can use a little attention. 
  • Calms and heals skin irritations: Think rashes, poison ivy, even diaper rashes. Bentonite clay is anti-inflammatory and has antibiotic properties. The clay is able to draw out the fungus or bacteria that is causing the skin irritation. When applied, the clay is able to soothe any itchy or burning sensations. 
  • Nutrients-rich: Bentonite clay provides your skin with minerals that you need, including calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, and potassium. 
  • Hair: Your hair can also benefit from a detox. Between the natural oils and the many products that are applied to the hair daily, product build-up can become a yucky nuisance. Bentonite clay has the ability to help remove the excess oil and products from the hair, resulting in light, flowing, and clean-feeling hair

Each day we are vulnerable to ingesting and consuming many toxins and bacteria throughout the day. Bentonite clay works hard to draw those impurities from our bodies, skin, and hair. It is the earth’s gift of detox.

Bentonite clay is one of the simple and natural ingredientsthat we include in some of our products. To shop bentonite clay and other clays, see the below list of our products that include this amazing natural detoxifying ingredient.

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