3 Reasons Why You Should be Using a Washcloth

October 03, 2019 3 min read

3 Reasons to Use a Washcloth Daily

The debate between washcloth, no washcloth, loofah, or no loofah has been going on since these products have hit the scene. Proponents on each side claim that there is absolutely no way you can get clean without doing it their way. The fact of the matter remains, all of these options are great depending on the individual!

So why should you consider switching to a washcloth? Today, we will review three high level reasons why considering a hemp & organic cotton washcloth might be a great idea.

Washcloths Gently Exfoliate Without Stripping Away Healthy Oils

Exfoliation is a touchy subject (pun somewhat intended). Some dermatologists advise to exfoliate regularly while others caution not to overdo it. Washcloths find themselves securely in the middle ground of this debate. Where other products such as facial scrubs might actively exfoliate through both chemical and mechanical means, washcloths merely act to remove a thin layer of dead skin cells through normal cleansing.

This allows washcloths to be used daily as they do not strip away deeper layers of sebum and other healthy materials from the surface of your skin. Remember, the skin is a living organ that does need a healthy microbiome to stay at its best!

3 Reasons to Use a Washcloth Daily

Showering with a Washcloth May Save Soap

How many of us have a tiny nubbin of soap in our shower at home which we are dreading using until it expires? Washcloths help to stretch natural soap bars and liquid soaps even further by becoming a carrier for soap. This prevents soap from merely running off and straight down the drain.

The best ways to stretch your soap are:

  1. Using a washcloth or loofah to reduce usage during showers or baths
  2. Using bars of soap over liquid soap
  3. Storing bars of soap in a dry location

By utilizing a washcloth, you are providing a great cleansing experience for your skin without wasting excess soap. This is great for your budget and for the environment!

Washcloths Help Create the Lather we all Love

Traditionally, the lather we have all come to expect from soaps and/or hair care products has been chemically manufactured using ingredients such as parabens and sulfates. These synthetics artificially reduced the surface tension of water and act as a way to get that satisfying lather.

Unfortunately, parabens, sulfates, and other synthetic chemicals also carry certain health risks and are not great for our skin health overall. Washcloths provide a solution to this problem by mechanically assisting with the lathering up process all without needing any artificial assistance. 

It is important to note that even high quality loofahs and washcloths may not be able to replicate the lather caused by synthetic chemicals. This is just basic chemistry. We believe that sacrificing a bit of lather for our overall health is the better choice, but that is up to the individual. Washcloths certainly help to bridge the gap and allow for a satisfying experience without the downsides of potentially harmful ingredients.

3 Reasons to Use a Washcloth Daily

Washcloth and Skin Health FAQs

Do washcloths harbor harmful bacteria?

While improperly hung washcloths can certainly remain damp and harbor some bacteria, this is not a huge concern. For one, hanging washcloths and allowing them to properly dry mitigates the risk of harmful bacteria. Additionally, regular washing of your washcloth will all but ensure that you are getting the best experience each day. Washcloths may not be for everyone, but they are perfectly safe and effective when used properly.

Do washcloths get you cleaner than soap alone?

Not necessarily, although they do offer gentle exfoliation which can help with cleansing. We have already discussed some of the benefits of washcloths in this article. It is important to understand that at the end of the day, choosing a washcloth, loofah, or just using a bar of soap is a personal choice. We use washcloths because we believe that they are perfect for daily cleansing. You should use whatever works best for you!

3 Reasons to Use a Washcloth Daily

What materials should I look for in a washcloth?

Many washcloths are made of synthetic fabrics and harsh materials. Look for washcloths with natural fabrics such as cotton and/or hemp. These materials allow for washcloths to be effective, gentle on skin, and are more easily dried, leading to better sanitation.

Hemp & Organic Washcloths from The Yellow Bird

At The Yellow Bird, we are proud to offer all-natural products for the whole family. Our artisan soaps, natural shampoo bars, face oils, and organic washcloths are always made without synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, parabens, sulfates, GMOs, and are absolutely never tested on animals. If you are looking for a place to find all-natural skin and hair care solutions for yourself or your family, look no further!

Feel free to read our story or take a quick and easy skincare quiz today to find your ideal skincare product match!

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