All Natural Foot Cream

This antifungal foot cream is made with only natural ingredients and is the best foot cream for softening and moisturizing dry, cracked heels and calluses.

Heal Dry Feet - Locks in moisture and provides deep hydration to treat cracked heels, rough feet, and tough calluses

Keep Bacteria Away - Natural antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory ingredients that fight common foot problems with odor and fungal infections

Long Lasting Relief - A thick, balm-like concentrated formula that goes on easily and provides additional time for your feet to soak up its nourishing ingredients

Soothe Achy Feet - Promotes improved blood circulation and provides a gentle soothing sensation that’s perfect for soothing achy feet or providing relief from neuropathy

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Beeswax, Organic High Oleic Sunflower Oil, Tapioca Starch, Essential Oils (Peppermint, Lavender, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus), Rosemary Extract

- Paraben Free
- GMO Free
- Soy Free
- Cruelty Free
- Made in the USA

Apply generously on tops and soles of feet as needed.  For best results apply before bed and cover with socks.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Fabulous foot cream!

Love all the YB product and this one especially!!


This product is fantastic..I suffer from severe psoriasis on the bottom of my feet. This foot cream is better than anything non prescription that I have used. A fellow teacher friend if mine has bought this for me for over a year..Thank you!!

My Feet Love This Stuff!

I usually put a dab of this cream on my feet right before bed. It has an herbal scent and makes my feet feel soft. I get foot odor in warmer months because I don’t wear socks very often. This cream has made a difference in how my feet feel and how they smell 😆
I’d definitely purchase again!


I read that the foot cream can be used as a kind of all-purpose cream, and WOW they were right. The night I received mine, my son accidentally burned his fingers, so I applied some to the burn and it was soothing and helpful. Currently I have seasonal allergies, so I rub it on my chest because of the oils already in it, along with some more essential oils, for support and it's amazing. I've also used it as a diaper rash cream! It smells wonderful and it actually moisturizes your skin, in a not heavy way. You can feel that you applied it to your hands hours ago, just in a soft, non-greasy way, even after washing. It's just amazing. One of my favorite products.

Smells good & Soooo Smooth

This IS a miracle worker for me! I have rough heel patches— and now it’s like I have new feet! I don’t know how I’ve survived without this! Great on elbows and knees too! Worth it!