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Still trying to figure out how to make sure my hair isn't greasy

The shampoo bars we purchased were packaged perfectly, and eco friendly, which I appreciate a lot! The smells are great! My boyfriend has short hair and works outside so it works really well to clean and degrease. I however, am still trying to figure out how to use the bar so that I don't look like I have greasy hair afterwards. Love the support emails that we received afterwards letting us know why this happens and some tips to try.

Greasy no more!

I have SUPER oily hair. Like, RIDICULOUSLY oily hair. With most other shampoos I've used, I can feel my hair getting greasy by early afternoon. Some have done well but were too expensive to keep. After my first bar, I set up auto-delivery because I'm not going back. It's the real deal. My hair feels clean and it is SO soft when it dries.

Outdoor Essentials Kit
Roberta Rich
Love it!

The all natural Insect Repellant works well for us and smells delightful!

First time using a shampoo bar. Absolutely love it!

Shampoo bar is amazing!

Love this stuff!

This oil is so great for my “getting older and drier” skin. It leaves my face feeling hydrated and smooth. The bottle lasts so long and it’s so much less expensive than what I was using. I’m glad I decided to try it.

Jojoba and Marula Face Oil
Ravonda Schwend
Feels and Looks so Good

I love how this Jojoba and Marla oil feels on my skin. It’s just the right amount of moisture and is absorbed quickly, leaving no residual oils to smudge my mascara as some other things I’ve tried do.

A drop or two provides great coverage, so it lasts a long time.

I’m 66 years old and this has become essential for me.

Works, and looks great!

I love this dry shampoo. No harmful ingredients, and it gives me much needed volume! I would change only 2 things: an option for brunettes so that it doesn’t look so ashy, and a pump that doesn’t randomly sputter big clumps of powder while using. Love this stuff, and I’ll keep buying!

Works amazing

These are so soft, and I find work 10x better than a standard cotton round or even a more abrasive washcloth to get the stubborn mascara off!

Neem Soap Bar
Fresh, clean, and relaxed

I like this soap for not overpowering me as I wake in the morning. It is a gentle morning ritual.

No Time for This!

In today’s busy world, I haven’t the time to be mixing up my own face mask concoction. Such formulations are HIGHLY outdated. Cute packaging though!

Love it

I have been using it for years

All Natural Lip Balm
Melissa Axtell
Great Chapstick!

I've been having issues with a lot of chapsticks after a bad reaction to a lip gloss and this is the best chapstick I've used since then! I was specifically looking for a chapstick with calendula and this one did not disappoint. It's very moisturizing, goes on very smooth, and the moisture lasts for a good while.

Love it!

We love this!

I'm joining the Cinnamon Cult.

This is fantastic in every way.

Best moisture I've ever fought.

After spending trillions,this is the only lotion on the planet my face will accept. No breakouts, no feeling suffocated, no red face. I like that it absorbed fast and doesn't spread like most other petroleum products and oils don't work for me. This is perfect for the skin that says no to everything but this. Just wish there was a cinnamon choice too. Love the cinnamon.


I use this soap regularly and I really like it.

Lavender Dry Shampoo
Jenna Minke
Love it

It works well, smells great and I love the clean ingredients.

Great product

Goes on smooth, doesn't clump up during the day, keeps me smelling fresh all day long without reapplying. Definitely recommend.

Amazing Soap

I love the pureness of this soap. I have sensitive skin, and the unscented option is perfect for me. The shea butter is super moisturizing as well.

Great Product

The kit is amazing! The spray works well and helps put our autistic child (who has a huge fear of flying insects ) mind at ease when using the bug spray.


I absolutely love this!! My skin has never been so healthy. Before, with "toxic" soaps, my skin was dry to the point of continual eczema-like irritation. Now, my hands are completely clear and normal.

Ginger Lime Soap Bar
Savannah LaGesse
Ginger Lime Soap

This soap has a beautiful, crisp, citrus sent that is perfect for summer. After being in the sun all day, I love ending the day with this soap. I feel clean but not dried and stripped of all my natural oils.

Lotion Sample Set
Amanda Voight
Great Product!

Loved all 3 samples, especially the Peppermint Lemon. Just received a full bottle.

Relax and Sleep Pillow Spray
Brittany Speight
Sleep spray

This stuff is amazing and now I can’t sleep without it!!