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Still trying to figure out how to make sure my hair isn't greasy

The shampoo bars we purchased were packaged perfectly, and eco friendly, which I appreciate a lot! The smells are great! My boyfriend has short hair and works outside so it works really well to clean and degrease. I however, am still trying to figure out how to use the bar so that I don't look like I have greasy hair afterwards. Love the support emails that we received afterwards letting us know why this happens and some tips to try.

Greasy no more!

I have SUPER oily hair. Like, RIDICULOUSLY oily hair. With most other shampoos I've used, I can feel my hair getting greasy by early afternoon. Some have done well but were too expensive to keep. After my first bar, I set up auto-delivery because I'm not going back. It's the real deal. My hair feels clean and it is SO soft when it dries.

Awesome Shampoo Bar

This is by far the best product I’ve used to wash my hair. It’s made it significantly thicker, stronger, and healthier. I love that it’s all natural ingredients!

Great, natural sleep aid!

I love this relax and sleep pillow.spray. I suffer from insomnia many nights and thought I'd try this spray. I spray my pillow with 1 spray right before bed and I now fall asleep within 5 minutes. I also feel more rested in the morning. It smells so nice! It worked great for me and I will keep using it.

My favorite out of the kit is the oil. I just used the mask for the first this week and really like it as well. It’s just messy to use. The soap bar smell is overwhelming and causes my allergies to flare up. I am not able to use the soap. I thought I was going to have an issue with the oil and toner with my allergies but since I have stopped using the soap, I have been fine with the oil and toner. Overall I like the kit just unfortunate that I can’t use the soap.

Smells great, feels good on skin. $8/bar isn't the cheapest but not too expensive. Minimal ingredients and high concentration of tea tree oil.

My fav dry shampoo

I purchased this dry shampoo and refillable bag 2+ years ago and I am still using it and I love it! Now I'm also not the kind of person to use dry shampoo every day, but I'm still shocked at how long it is lasting. I love knowing that it is nontoxic and safe. I take it with me on all of my travels and I recommend it to all of my friends! Will definitely be buying more when I run out!!

Perfect ending to a exhausting day

I love these bath bombs. The scent is perfect and calming after a long day. You feel good about the quality, clean ingredients. The size is perfect too! So glad you have these in your product line!

Most amazing product for redness & combo skin that I’ve ever used ❤️

Goat's Milk Lavender Soap Bar
Brianna Stansfield-Istre
My Favorite Shower Soap

I love this soap. It smells so good and leaves my skin feeling soft.

Dead sea mud, pumice, charcoal soap

This soap is truly amazing! Bought it for the charcoal ingredient because my favorite is the activated charcoal soap. Love the effects the dead sea mud and pumice have added. Super clean and moisturized, great for acne prone skin!

Best dry shampoo!!!!!

I've tried my share of toxic and toxic free dry shampoo. This one, by far, takes the cake. Great performance and squeaky clean ingredients.

Love this set!

So nice! Not drying and feel great!


Feels great, smells amazing. So glad to get rid of toxic soap. Will never switch back.

Good product

Calms problems; better than the prescription drug I got for itchy skin.


I have been loving the rose water toner for refreshing my skin at any time of day but particularly after a shower. It’s has also been great to spray over makeup as a setting spray.

This product…OMG! I tried it on my hands as soon as it arrived. This product left my hands feeling and looking so soft!

Great scent for the kitchen.

Love the smell of these shower steamers! Exactly described strong scent will be wonderful in the shower.

So soft!

Perfect sized was cloths. I use them every day to clean or dry my face

Blue Tansy Face Oil
Ashley Mitchell
Love it!

The face oil is light and smooth and really makes a difference in my skin tone and blemishes!

It works well

I like how the deodorant smells and it works pretty well. It doesn't work as well for me as "unnatural" deodorants I used to wear, but I feel good using this one knowing I'm not harming my body. It's worth that tiny bit of sweat in my opinion.

Best Dry Shampoo Ever!

This is by far my favorite dry shampoo I've ever tried. The clean ingredients are amazing and they smell so good but the best part is that this stuff actually works! My only request is that the refill bags come with a small scoop to make refilling the pump bottle easier. I've dumped some out before when pouring into the bottle. Definitely don't want to waste any of this! I love it tho! Thank you :)

My favorite soap bars

This has a very nice scent, doesn't bother my skin, and lasts a long time. I notice that my family often chooses to use my soap, and I love walking by them and getting the faint hint of the scent.

Face Oil Sample Set
Allison R.
Face Oil Sample Set

I loved getting the small samples of each face oil. It allowed me to try them out before purchasing the full size body. I got to smell them, use them approximately a week for each, and determine which one(s) I prefer.