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Works where others have failed

All Natural Foot Cream should instead be called "magical Pixie dust infused stuff that works"...amazing product! I have tried other lotions and creams, all to mixed (mostly unsatisfactory) results. I was hesitant to spend $16.99 on what could have been "more of the s.o.s."...but to my amazement and pleasant surprise, the All Natural Foot Cream works! A little goes a long way, so the price thing is not an issue. As far as results...cracking: gone; peeling: going away; callousness: greatly diminished...essential oils are working overtime to keep my feet feeling (and smelling) good. It's only been about two weeks, and I use it every other night. Thank you Yellow Bird - your All Natural Foot Cream works, and you have a new loyal customer.

this soap is amazing

Can't get enough!!

I LOVE this foot cream! Like others have mentioned, I use it on my hands too. Smells amazing and doesn't leave a nasty residue. I'm a customer for life!

Brilliant product!

I am approaching the end of my first bar - not the peppermint - the lavender and rosemary. Did not have a single problem regarding waxy feeling hair. My hair is natural gray and not colored. I have noticed new hair growth (at 62 that's great) and my hair has great body. I do condition with organic mother milk apple cider vinegar but on the occasions I have not done so my hair has been fine just using the bar. I love the recyclable soap box. Love that we have eliminated one more plastic single use bottle and that whatever I am putting on my head is chemical free....not to mention what goes down the drain. Great product.....about to order another bar (outlasts regular shampoo bottles by far).


Well worth purchasing, it left my skin soft and smelling absolutely phenomenal. Love that I don't have to worry about whats in the products!

Great Product

This product was better than I had expected. I have been transitioning to zero waste products for a few months, and my biggest barrier was switching to Shampoo Bars. It takes a bit of practice to use them properly, but I have to say that The Yellow Bird bar was the one I had the least issues transitioning with.

Love it!

I love that the ingredient list is so simple and natural. It’s a comfort to find a product that doesn’t have a bunch of junk in it. Feels great. Smells great. Will be back for more!

Amazing product

I was looking for a healthier alternative for my hair and scalp and this is it. With regular shampoo I was always pulling out a ton of hair in the shower. This bar has eliminated that. Full disclosure: the 2 week adjustment period is real but stick it out! The benefits are totally worth it!

The best!

I haven't even been using this soap for a week and I'm already obsessed! I want to shower multiple times a day just to use it lol. This soap has a light scent of peppermint and cleans so well. Thank you for making such a fantastic product!

Great smelling soap

I saw this on Amazon and wanted to give it a try. I kept getting this fungus on my torso, mostly my back and this cleared it right up and i use as a preventative measure too. Nothing else really was as effective, i love it.

Best All Natural Soap

LOVE Yellow Bird's soaps, they're so pleasant and mild. You don't get the soapy chalky feeling all over your skin, and its an added bonus that they're made all naturally. I have recently switched exclusively to these bar soaps, and I am already noticing a fresher appearance in my skin

Love, love love!

My wife turned me onto this soap and I NEVER write reviews but this soap has been a huge part in clearing up the acne on my back, leaves me smelling super fresh and feeling awake in the mornings. Ordering more for myself and family. Best soap ever! I actually call it my “medicine” because of how effective it is at treating my back-be. A new lover / customer for life!


I have used this product for over a year now and I have never found one that is better. It's all natural and perfectly balanced for my skin. My face feels more toned and moisturized than it ever has before. The scent is mild, calming and not overpowering. I use this occasionally on my young daughters sensitive skin eczema breakouts and it soothes it right up. I will never use another product again. Everyone I have recommend it too can't say enough great things about it. Keep up the good work guys!

Excellent scrub leaves skin feeling great!

I love this scrub for both face and body. I’ve had fantastic results using it as an exfoliater prior to shaving my legs- my skin is sensitive and prone to ingrown hairs but using this product before shaving has completely prevented them and left my skin so incredibly soft! I also use this scrub once a week to exfoliate my face; it’s a bit too course for my skin to use daily but a weekly regimen has been all I need to exfoliate and moisturize.

Best thing to ever happen to my hair!

After years of struggling with my sensitive hair, which is very fine and highly prone to getting greasy, I discovered the Yellow Bird and decided to try this shampoo bar. The product description points out that it takes your hair about two weeks to adjust to the new shampoo - which is definitely true - but after those two weeks I have had the most amazing results! My normally-greasy hair is now beautiful, soft, and healthy in both feel and appearance. For the first time in my life I can wash my hair every other day without it turning into a grease ball. And best of all is the way I feel knowing how much healthier this product is for my body and the environment than convential shampoos!

Smells so good!

I absolutely love the lemongrass scent of this soap. Its also much more moisturizing than I thought it would be, and I will definitely buy it again.

Love it!

I was a tiny bit worried the face oil would be too heavy, but it isn't at all! I also use it morning and night and it goes on really easily. Smells really good too. I am definitely going to buy the face soap that comes with it when I run out of the sample they gave. Thank you so much!

Face Oil
Face oil

I am thrilled with the face oil. I use it morning and night. My face feels wonderful in the evening and my makeup goes on smoothly in the morning. Terrific product!

Best foot cream ever.

Good, but doesn’t help my itchy scalp

The bar lathers up really well and leaves my hair manageable. But I was hoping it would also eliminate my need for a dandruff shampoo. It doesn’t.

So far so good!

Just received my bar in the mail. I have read other reviews and was fully prepared for the transition phase of oily feeling hair. Just used the bar and my hair feels fine ... clean and soft. I also used the bar as a body soap (just because). Also - easy and gentle. I love this alternative to the chemical nonsense that exist in traditional shampoos. Trying to eliminate single use plastic in our home so this is a great step in that direction. I am conditioning my hair with organic apple cider vinegar and water.
The only think that disappointed me was the smell....I had read about how beautifully strong the smell was and was looking forward to that but was underwhelmed. It won't stop me from purchasing again was a 'nice to have'.
Checking the ingredients I am concerned about the use of palm oil. I have been reading a lot about how regions where palm oil is harvested the local orangutang populations are suffering terribly. I am hoping that yellow bird is using palm oil from a source that is not destructive to the environment.
Really love the natural 'box' it comes in. So .... so far so good!

Very nice, soothing soap

This soap has a nice soothing quality to it. The smell is sweet but subtle. The soap leaves my skin soft and feeling moisturized. The oatmeal is great for exfoliation. I highly recommend it!

Face Oil
Love your face again!!

I have oily skin, so using an actual oil for hydration is scary, but I love this face oil! It evens out my oil distribution and keeps it nice and smooth. Plus my hormonal acne has calmed tremendously. Don’t overthink it like I did, try it and love it!

Works as great as it smells!

I bought this shampoo bar to help my children be more independent in the shower. I was tired of them wasting traditional bottle shampoo because they used too much. This solved my problem and works great! This product exceeded my expectations and I will be ordering more!


I would buy it again