Fir + Cedarwood Soap Bar


The perfect limited edition bar for the winter season - fill any room with the smell of a Christmas Tree Farm for a refreshing and grounding atmosphere. 

Made with Fir Needle and Cedarwood which are well known for their ability to soothe skin irritations and inflammation. These ingredients in soap help to speed up healing, and are also great for oily skin.

Limited Edition means that when they sell out, they are gone. So get it while you can! New soap is not included in any existing promotions, coupon codes, sales, or subscriptions.

Size:4.5oz | Mini Bar: 1oz

Select the 5 Pack soap option to save 20%. You will receive 5 bars for the price of 4 - your 5th bar is free!

    • Cedarwood Essential Oil: Helps with dry and itchy skin, soothing irritations and infections, and calming the body and aromatherapy benefits

      Orange Essential Oil: A great source of Vitamin C and helps promote cell growth and prevent acne
      Fir Essential Oil: Helps with soothing and smoothing skin. Also smells like Christmas.
      Shea Butter: Includes high concentrations of naturally occurring vitamins and fatty acids that moisturize and nourish skin.

    • All our soaps are made the old fashioned way: cold processed, by hand, and only in small batches. This is a time-consuming labor of love that’s completely worth it because it gives us total control over what ingredients are used and provides you with the best chemical free cleaning experience for your skin.

      Our soaps are good for all skin types and made without synthetic lathering agents, chemical preservatives, synthetic dyes, and chemical fragrances that are harsh on your skin. We use only the highest grade natural and certified organic ingredients that are less likely to dry or irritate sensitive skin.
    • Full Ingredient List: Organic Sustainable Palm Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil,  Fir Needle Essential Oil, Cedarwood Texas Essential Oil, Pine Essential Oil, Orange Essential Oil, Cedarwood Himalayan Essential Oil, Clove Bud Essential Oil, Clary Sage Essential Oil. Sodium Hydroxide* *none remains in the final product • Paraben Free • GMO Free • Soy Free • Cruelty Free • Made in the USA •


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Keithan Brown

I absolutely love this soap. It cleans really well without leaving the skin dry and flakey. Also has a really nice sent but not womanly.

Megan Wheeler

I absolutely adore your bar soap! The scents are lovely and my skin has never felt so moisturized. Loving the earthy scent of the Fir + Cedarwood bar!

Wayne Ahl
Fir/Cedarwood Soap

The fir and cedarwood soap is now a favorite of mine. It has a great fragrance and cleans well. Everyone will like this soap, especially men...

Nicole Baird
I love this soap!

I enjoy this soap although I love all of the soaps from Yellow Bird!

Robin Lombardi
Fir + Cedarwood = Awesome!

Several years ago, I ditched my liquid body wash and started buying bar soaps. My husband has tried several of them, but always said he was fine with his regular drugstore brand.

Last month, he ran out of his regular soap and grabbed a sample bar of Fir + Cedarwood from the guest bathroom.

"I like that soap," he said.

"Would you like me to order you some more?"

"Yeah, okay."

Top rating from the toughest customer I know! 😂 We'd love to see this product become one of your regular offerings.