Blue Tansy Face Oil

This lightweight face oil is excellent for calming all skin types and a favorite face oil for acne and dry skin. It's packed with essential oils and nutrients that hydrate and moisturize dry skin, fight bacteria, soothe inflammation, and reduce redness. All the ingredients are natural and specially chosen to help balance your face's natural oil production and deeply hydrate your skin at a cellular level. All day nourishment for your skin means a healthy-looking complexion and glow.

Blue Tansy: Reduces redness, soothes dry irritated skin, and balances oily skin Camellia Oil: Fast absorbing carrier of fatty acids. Hydrates and keeps skin looking young Squalane: Provides a light protective barrier that helps lock in needed moisture Jojoba Oil: Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties assist in keeping acne at bay

      Includes2oz glass pump bottle

      Olive Squalane Oil, Camellia Seed, Jojoba Oil, Milk Thistle, Abyssinian Oil, Carrot seed oil, Frankincense EO, Lavender EO, Blue Tansy Oil, tea tree EO, GMO-Free Soy-Free Vitamin E, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

      - Paraben Free
      - GMO Free
      - Soy Free
      - Cruelty Free
      - Made in the USA

        This face oil absorbs quickly and feels light on your skin. Great for all skin types and fighting skin issues like breakouts, redness, inflammation, and cystic acne 

        1. Cleanse and tone skin
        2. While skin is damp, pat in 1-3 pumps of face oil
        3. Let it absorb for 1–3 minutes before applying makeup
        4. Repeat morning and/or evening
        5. Store at room temperature and out of direct sunlight

        How long will one bottle last? This will vary on your use, but most of our customers say one bottle lasts them 3-5 months with daily use

        Can you use it under makeup? Yes! Think of the face oil as your underlying face moisturizer and protective barrier.

        What does it smell like? Lovely, promise! This face oil has a herbal, almost piney peppermint smell.

        Should I use face oil for oily skin? Nothing to fear. This face oil helps to regulate the right amount of natural oils. If your skin is dry, your body overcompensates with more oil which causes breakouts. It's all about balance.

        Is this face oil okay for sensitive skin? Absolutely. All of the ingredients are natural and chosen for their ability to calm, soothe, and nourish skin




        Customer Reviews

        Based on 20 reviews
        Mostly Love it

        I love it on my face, but on my neck area it exacerbated my eczema.

        Great product

        Really helps keep redness calm, moisturized and smells pleasant not overwhelming.

        Love this!

        I'm obsessed with this face oil. Leaves my skin so smooth. I was nervous about wearing this under my make up, thinking it might make my face look oily, but it was not an issue. I am very happy with this product and now use it daily.

        OMG A MUST

        I am a huge fan of this face oil... But not for the face part of it. I tried it on my face but wasn't a fan... So I decided to use it anyway ....after reading about the product I had to find a way to use it. Then after a shower and shaving my legs and feeling the sting from razor burn it hit me.... Let me tell u it was the best decision I have ever made. I covered my legs in the face oil and instantly the sting stopped and the redness and irritation went away ... I was sooooo happy... I have told everyone about this oil!!! I will be buying more.!!!

        A Lovely New Routine

        After relocating from the east cost to the west cost I desperately needed new hydrating face products! I was unhappy with the generic brands I was previously using out of convenience, yet overwhelmed with the cost of chemical free products on the market. So, many days I just skipped caring for my face. But over time my skin suffered and I felt emotionally irritated and stuck in a bad routine. Then my sister let me borrow her charcoal soap and Blue Tansy Oil. Immediately I liked the way the soap cleaned without irritating my skin and how the Oil evenly hydrated and absorbed without an oily residue (it’s face oil v lotion from here on out!). After a week I was in love! Turns out when you have a product that works and that your body has a positive reaction to, you are motivated to use the product consistently. This is just what I needed to start a healthy routine carting for my skin with products that won’t harm and that won’t break the bank! If you are stuck in a bad routine for caring for your skin, try these two together because when you feel healthy it promotes a happier lifestyle! Not to mention it helps boost one’s confidence when you feel like your face is glowing! Thank you Yellow Bird Family!

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