Mini Soap Bar Samples

Not sure which soap to choose? Try a sample! You can pick a 1oz mini sample bar for any of our soaps. 

All our soaps are made the old fashioned way: cold processed, by hand, and only in small batches. This is a time-consuming labor of love that’s completely worth it because it gives us total control over what ingredients are used and provides you with the best chemical free cleaning experience for your skin. 

Our soaps are good for all skin types and made without synthetic lathering agents, chemical preservatives, synthetic dyes, and chemical fragrances that are harsh on your skin. We use only the highest grade natural and certified organic ingredients that are less likely to dry or irritate sensitive skin.

- Paraben Free
- Sulfate Free
GMO Free
- Soy Free
- Cruelty Free
- Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
My Favorite Soap

With Neem for anti-microbial action to keep us clean and safe, this soap does a great job. It also smells great without setting off my allergies and it does not dry my skin.

Best soap ever!

I’m so beyond happy that I heard about Yellow Bird soap! It is so nice and feels so mild yet my face feels extremely fresh and so clean after I wash it! I love this soap and the fact that it has all natural and only very few ingredients is wonderful and is very important to me!!

Pandemic relief while on the go

Lately with the recent pandemic I have been traveling and wondering if I will ever feel completely clean and safe from germs. Well, I wonder, no longer. The Yellow Bird led by Nicole the most innovative genius in the industry has revolutionized the game with her tea tree Soap Bar. The fragrance and level of quality you are able to feel and see is completely out of this world. Highly recommend! You won’t feel completely clean without it!

Perfect for travel!

These mini versions of the full bars are perfect for traveling and leaving in your travel bag so you don’t have to pack up al your skincare every time you’re adventuring! I use the lavender and lemongrass charcoal soap as my daily cleanser and it’s the best thing that’s happened to my skin.


Great smell and seemed to help with clear skin.