Grapefruit Lavender Dry Shampoo


Make any day hair look like freshly washed hair. Our volumizing dry shampoo powder contains natural absorbents and ingredients that remove excess oils and dirt while refreshing and cleansing hair in just minutes without any water.

Your scalp absorbs higher than many parts of your body, and we've made sure to only include ingredients that are natural and free of alcohol and other harmful chemicals found in many dry shampoos.

Great for:

✓ Volumizing ✓ All Hair Types ✓ Color-Treated Hair ✓ Sensitive Scalps

Size: 1.2oz | Refill Bag: 2.8oz

    • Non-Aerosol: Our easy-to-use pump container is aerosol free and free of alcohol and other harmful chemicals. It's also tightly sealed and TSA-friendly

      Volumizing: Even fine, flat hair will love the way this dry shampoo powder works to add volume to roots and provide fuller hair

      Refillable Dry Shampoo: Purchase the full size container and refill as needed with our packets, or purchase just the refill and use your own container of choice

      Versatile: Apply in select spots on your scalp or get an entire hair refresh by using our pump container or a makeup brush with our refill packet

    • This fine dry shampoo powder works to add volume, body, and texture without leaving any chalky residue. It's the perfect product for refreshing hair on the go, post-gym, or after a long day of chasing kids with no time to shower.

      1. Shake the bottle to loosen powder
      2. Spray at an angle on dry hair 4 inches away from roots and scalp. Do not spray on wet hair.
      3. Let is sit for 30-60 seconds
      4. Massage it into your scalp with your fingers or brush
      5. Continue with styling hair and adding other products
    • Full Ingredient List: Organic Arrowroot, Kaolin Clay, Diatomaceous Earth, Organic Cocoa Powder, Aspen Bark Extract, Lavender Essential Oil, Grapefruit Essential Oil • Paraben Free • GMO Free • Soy Free • Cruelty Free • Made in the USA •
    • Watch below to learn how to use a powder dry shampoo before styling your hair. Dry shampoo is a great hair product to use when training your scalp to need less washing. You can read all 5 best tips for stretching your hair between washes on the blog HERE.


Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
Amelia S
Love this product!

This is THE BEST dry shampoo out there. I have re-bought 3x times at least and am so happy with it. Will definitely continue to buy over any aerosol on the market!

Marlon Arevalo
My wife loves this stuff!

Purchased for my wife, she uses this daily!

Noel Killilea Killilea
Best dry shampoo

Love this dry shampoo smells great & easy to use.

Justine Olivia

I normally use a very-bad-for-you (& famous) dry shampoo and was nervous to switch to a “crunchy” one, for fear of it not working as well as the bad stuff. Boy I was wrong! This stuff works even better! I used to go 5 days without washing my hair, before it got so oily I would wear a hat the next 2 days. Now I can go a full 7 days without washing my hair or having to wear a hat (I have thick wavy hair). ALSO it gives my hair volume like never before! Even in just a ponytail! I’ve made my own dry shampoo with arrowroot powder and cocoa but it didn’t work THIS good! Definitely worth the buy and I love I can purchase refillable bags to defeat waste!

Emily Lemke

This stuff works great and I love it.