Mini Soap Bar Samples

Not sure which soap to choose? Try a sample! You can pick a 1oz mini sample bar for any of our soaps. 

All our soaps are made the old fashioned way: cold processed, by hand, and only in small batches. This is a time-consuming labor of love that’s completely worth it because it gives us total control over what ingredients are used and provides you with the best chemical free cleaning experience for your skin. 

Our soaps are good for all skin types and made without synthetic lathering agents, chemical preservatives, synthetic dyes, and chemical fragrances that are harsh on your skin. We use only the highest grade natural and certified organic ingredients that are less likely to dry or irritate sensitive skin.

- Paraben Free
- Sulfate Free
GMO Free
- Soy Free
- Cruelty Free
- Made in the USA


Customer Reviews

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Mini Soap Bars

I appreciate that there are smaller options to be able to try out different soaps. the Shea Butter soap is my personal favorite in that it agrees with my face. The peppermint soap i love the smell, but it unfortunately didn't agree with my face so I use it as a body soap. The pine soap smells wonderful and love to use as a body soap. Now, I see fair to give low stars because a particular product didn't agree with my skin. The product was still well made, packaged nice and delivered at an appropriate amount of time.


Enjoyed all the miniatures. Back for the lemongrass & neem.

Great Product and Price!

I've ordered from Yellow Bird twice now and love their products. I've bought several different mini bar samples, two of the charcoal body bars and two of the grapefruit shampoo bars. The mini bars are the perfect size for all of our household sinks and lasted a family of 4 over two months at each sink which is a great bang for your buck! They all smell great and leave your skin feeling soft and clean!

I love them!

I ordered 3 of the samples: (Charcoal, Pumice & Goat's milk x Lavender) I'm a cosmetologist/esthetician and I was looking for some soaps that aren't filled with what are basically dish detergents. I have had Keratosis pilaris (chicken skin) pretty much half of my life. Every time I would exfoliate and exfoliate and I just couldn't get the results I wanted. Now I can with your Pumice & Dead sea mud bar. My skin is significantly less red and slowly getting smoother with each use.

My skin is naturally oily and oily skin can take far more frequent exfoliation than normal or dry skin. I tend to use the Pumice bar and then the Goat's milk bar right after to feel a bit more moisturized with the shea butter because I dislike lotions. I wouldn't recommend the pumice bar for ~every~ day use unless you have an oily skin type like me. The Lavender, goat's milk and Oat bar provides a nice exfoliation too however if your skin is more sensitive and I would say you could use that probably every day if you wanted to. Like all bar soaps it is a tad bit drying, but that's completely normal and just how ~real~ soap like this works.

I bought the charcoal soap for my face, and I will say it has tightened my large pores quite a bit after just a few uses. And it is gentle enough for use on your face. Just remember to tone and moisturize afterwards and any dry feeling will disappear. :)

Amazing stuff!!!

Loveeee these!!! I use the peppermint and tea tree for my face and it’s never looked better! Leaves my skin so incredibly soft too. I hardly need moisturizer.