The Natural Ingredients We Use And How They Can Help Your Skin

February 05, 2020 5 min read

The Natural Ingredients We Use And How They Can Help Your Skin


Simple Ingredients with Powerful Results.

Learn more about the ingredients we put in our products and why your skin will love them


Activated Charcoal helps with:

✓ Detoxing and deeply cleansing skin
✓ Extracting dirt, pathogens, and allergens
✓ Removing excess oils
✓ Clearing pores and reducing size
✓ Fighting bacteria common with breakouts
....Read more about Activated Charcoal HERE

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Aloe Vera helps with:

✓ Boosting collagen production
✓ Soothing sunburned skin

✓ Reducing inflammation and redness

✓ Hydrating skin without using oils
✓ Removing dead skin cells
✓ Warding off bacteria and fungi
....Read more about Aloe HERE

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Argan Oil helps with:

✓ Balancing oils and all-day hydration
✓ Deeply moisturizing dry skin
✓ Reducing inflammation
✓ Calming redness
....Read more about Argan Oil HERE

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Beeswax helps with:

✓ Attracting water molecules for long-lasting hydration
✓ Creating a breathable barrier that traps in moisture
✓ Promoting the regeneration of cells
✓ Blocking irritants like bacteria and allergens
✓ Healing broken skin
✓ Improving natural oil barrier
....Read more about Beeswax HERE

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Bentonite Clay helps with:

✓ Absorbing bacteria, toxins, and oils
✓ Calming and healing rashes and irritations
✓ Unclogging pores
✓ Restoring minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium
✓ Removing product build-up and excess oils in hair
....Read more about Bentonite Clay HERE

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Bergamot helps with:

✓ Healing wounds and skin irritations
✓ Evening skin and removing impurities
✓ Relaxing the body and nerves
✓ Protecting skin from infections and bacteria
✓ Reducing pain and muscle aches
✓ Eliminating bad odors
...Read more about Bergamot HERE

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Blue Tansy helps with:

✓ Soothing inflammation and redness
✓ Fighting bacteria on your skin
✓ Relaxing your nervous system
✓ Balancing your endocrine system
✓ Managing oxidative stress in your body
✓ Plus it's high in antioxidants and gentle
....Read more about Blue Tansy HERE

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Cajeput Oil helps with:

✓ Fighting infections from bacteria, viruses, and fungi
✓ Smoothing, brightening, and toning skin
✓ Relieving inflammation and soreness
✓ Decongesting and detoxifying 
✓ Keeping insects away
....Read more about Cajeput Oil HERE

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Castor Oil helps with:

✓ Softening and moisturizing skin and hair
✓ Relieving dry, patchy skin and dandruff
✓ Protecting from bacterial infections
✓ Reducing inflammation and muscle pain 
✓ Increasing blood circulation which helps with hair growth

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Chamomile helps with:

✓ Relaxing the body and mind
✓ Fighting against bacteria and blemishes
✓ Calming inflammation and redness
✓ Soothing and treating burns 
✓ Great source of antioxidants

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Coconut Oil helps with:

✓ Hydrating mild to moderately dry skin
✓ Calming Eczema and inflammation 
✓ Restoring damaged hair
✓ Killing common fungi related to athlete's foot 
✓ Fighting bacteria common with yeast infections
✓ Packed with fatty acids that your cells can absorb quickly
....Read more about Coconut Oil HERE

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Dead Sea Mud helps with:

✓ Helping treat psoriasis
✓ Removing dead skin and impurities
✓ Killing bacteria that causes breakouts
✓ Improving elasticity and appearance of aging
✓ Stimulating blood circulation and improving cellulite
✓ Preventing hair loss
...Read more about Dead Sea Mud HERE

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Eucalyptus helps with:

✓ Fighting infection and bacteria
✓ Fighting infection in the lungs (when inhaled)
✓ Calming redness and inflammation
✓ Soothing swelling and soreness in your feet and muscles
✓ Preventing the spread of bacteria on your skin
....Read more about Eucalyptus HERE

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Frankincense helps with:

✓ Fighting age-inducing free radicals 
✓ Healing scars and regenerating cells
✓ Lifting and tightening skin
✓ Reducing the appearance of wrinkles
....Read more about Frankincense HERE

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Geranium helps with:

✓ Tightening and smoothing skin
✓ Preventing bacterial growth
✓ Healing wounds and reducing scars
✓ Creating a healthy glow for hair
✓ Relaxing your mind and body
....Read more about Geranium HERE

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Ginger helps with:

✓ Clearing skin of acne and blemishes
✓ Reducing the appearance of scars
✓ Improving skin tone and elasticity
✓ Hair growth and preventing dandruff
✓ Moisturizing hair and split ends
....Read more about Ginger HERE

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Goat's Milk helps with:

✓ Moisturizing and nourishing
✓ Soothing inflammation and irritation
✓ Healing skin infections and acne
✓ Brightening and smoothing
✓ Balancing skins pH level
....Read more about Goat's Milk HERE

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Grapeseed Oil helps with:

✓ Preventing clogged pores
✓ Reducing risk of breakouts

✓ Protecting against free-radicals

✓ Keeping skin moisturized and protected

✓ Minimizing fine lines and wrinkles
✓ Promoting healthy hair and scalp
....Read more about Grapeseed Oil HERE

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Lavender helps with:

✓ Anxiety and pain relief
✓ Preventing hair loss
✓ Eczema and dry skin
✓ Reducing visible wrinkles
✓ Fighting fungal infections
✓ Calming inflammation
....Read more about Lavender HERE

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Lemongrass helps with:

✓ Soothing inflammation and irritation
✓ Deep cleansing, brightening, and toning skin
✓ Fighting bacteria and fungal infections
✓ Reducing muscle pain and alleviate headaches
✓ Preventing itchy scalps, dandruff, and hair loss
✓ Relieving anxiety and irritability
....Read more about Lemongrass HERE

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Lime helps with:

✓ Removing dead skin cells and rejuvenating skin
✓ Preventing acne and irritations
✓ Healing sun damage and dark spots
✓ Tightening pores and improving texture.
...Read more about Lime HERE

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Mango Butter helps with:

✓ Relieving itchy and dry skin
✓ Treating eczema and psoriasis
✓ Protecting against UV rays and sun damage
✓ Balancing sebum production 
✓ Improving collagen production
....Read more about Mango Butter HERE

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Milk Thistle helps with:

✓ Balancing hormonal acne
✓ Slowing the aging of your skin
✓ Improving inflammatory skin issues.
...Read more about Milk Thistle HERE

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Oats help with:

✓ Retaining water and hydrating
✓ Soothing itchy skin and dryness
✓ Gently exfoliating 
✓ Deep cleansing
✓ Protecting from exterior irritants
✓ Balancing skins pH level
....Read more about Oats HERE

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Olive Oil helps with:

✓ Preventing damage from free radicals in the environment
✓ Softening skin and moisturizing
✓ Regenerating skin cells and reducing scars
✓ Removing water-resistant makeup and oils
✓ Conditioning hair and scalp
....Read more about Olive Oil HERE

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Peppermint helps with:

✓ Balancing your skin's natural oils
✓ Clearing acne and blemishes
✓ Soothing muscles and itchy skin
✓ Calming inflammation and irritated skin
✓ Keeping a healthy scalp and stimulating hair growth
....Read more about Peppermint HERE

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Shea Butter helps with:

✓ Regenerating skin cells for fresher, youthful skin
✓ Locking in moisture to fight dryness
✓ Deep hydration without clogging pores
✓ Replenishing skin with vitamins, fatty acids, and nutrients
....Read more about Shea Butter HERE

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Sunflower Oil helps with:

✓ Creating a strong skin barrier
✓ Hydrating without clogging pores
✓ Preventing damage from free radicals and the sun
✓ Healing wounds and scars
✓ Healing Athlete's foot
....Read more about Sunflower Oil HERE 

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Tea Tree helps with:

✓ Balancing oily skin
✓ Fighting bacteria common with acne
✓ Calming inflammation
✓ Soothing dry and itchy skin
✓ Treating wounds and promoting quick healing.
...Read more about Tea Tree HERE

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Willow Bark Extract helps with:

✓ Making pores smaller in appearance
✓ Balancing excess oils on your skin
✓ Keeping skin hydrating and fighting eczema
✓ Reducing the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging
✓ Creating a protective skin barrier against elements
✓ Targeting acne and irritation from rosacea and psoriasis
....Read more about Willow Bark HERE

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Parabens are primarily used as preservatives and sulfates are primarily used to strip away unwanted oils and increase skin permeability. They both have been proven effective in those areas, but not without health concerns.

We choose to use only natural ingredients that are not harsh on your skin and won't cause skin irritations common with chemical ingredients. Essential oils that are high in antimicrobial properties work as natural preservatives, while other essential oils and ingredients work as a natural sulfate to cleanse your skin and provide a natural lather. LEARN MORE

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